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Upcoming selections

Puppies have arrived, info will be updated once we are past the critical phase

  • Medium  Litter DOB 10/29 -  Selection 12/18
  • Small Litters DOB 10/27 & 29 - Selection 12/18

 Ground Delivery to Seattle & Portland 12/23
Just in time for Christmas!

Litters Bred

Upcoming Litters & Due Dates

  • Medium Litter Due  Late December
  • Small  Litter Due  Late Dec
  • Small Litter Due Mid Dec
  • Large Litter Due New Years!

Planned litters

Dates listed of planned litters always refer to the Date of Birth (DOB) not when puppies go home

  • Planning  Large Litter for Spring '22
  • Planning  Small  Litter for Spring '22
  • Planning  Medium litters for Spring '22

 Available & Upcoming Litters

Offering both trained & untrained Habibi Bear Puppies

Untrained puppies are available during selection week by request, and go home at 8 weeks old.
After selection week is complete, puppies enter Pup Academy where our in-house trainer will expertly train them.
Length of stay from 2 -16 weeks, catered to each family's individual needs!

Nursery Rhyme Litter

Medium Litter DOB 10/18/21
Selection week of 12/7

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Large Litter DOB 10/19/21
Selection week of 12/7

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Boo Crew Litter

Teacup Litter DOB 10/1/21
 5 Puppies - Selection 11/24

Selection has begun!
We have TWO pups available with 2-week training.  Family can request longer.   

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Meet the Parents

Naturally reared and health tested, our parents produce consistent quality Habibi Bear puppies!


Photo & Video Gallery

The galleries below feature various photos of our  Habibi Bears. With over 30 years of producing our Habibi Bears, we have quite the extensive scrapbook of pictures to share! 

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