Once you have been approved for the waiting list, please submit your deposit to hold your place on the waiting list (or a pup).​ ​

Final payments will be invoiced after selection has been made.


At Habibi Bears, our puppies are raised with extra care;  unsurpassed attention to every detail,  and a daily commitment to excellence in socialization with our puppy-centric  curriculum.  Why do we do all of this?  To prepare our puppies for their role as Therapy, Emotional Support or Service, and this requires daily dedication to a scheduled socialization protocol, and understanding in canine behavior.  All of this is tracked and logged in a baby book for each puppy, including a full assessment and suggested training for each individual puppy.  

Starting in  2020,  we began a new assessment that gives us an even deeper look into the temperament and tendencies of each individual puppy.  This information has opened the doors for an improved selection process in matching the puppies temperament to the correct home for that puppy.  



Our selection process is quite different that most breeders, as we are dedicated to honoring and empowering our puppies, which means placement can either make or break a puppy.  There is so much more to our dogs than their coloring- they are individual beings with unique gifts. When someone asks what position they are on the waiting list, or who gets 'FIRST PICK', my answer is,   there is no pick of the litter, as everyone has a different need and home life.  The real question is,  "Which is the best pick for YOU?"  We are committed to matching every puppy to its perfect family, and every puppy is perfect for different homes!  Together, this new system paired with the additional four week training program  provided to our families, is part of our mission and focus of humanely raising puppies with a purpose.  


We thoroughly  pre-screen all potential families to ensure that we are aligned with those that resonate with our mission.  We are small, exclusive and continue to be a puppy-centric breeder where our focus is always on the needs of our dogs and the puppies we produce.

Our pricing reflects the level of time and care put into each puppy. 

  • All Sizes Habibi Bears: $3300 - $3600 

Invoice will be emailed to each family for the balance, after deposit is applied. Accepted forms of payment are Bank Draft, Venmo or Credit Card (3% fee applies)


  • Invoice with option to pay with Bank Draft (free) 

  • Cash on delivery - no fees

  • NEW! Venmo  To submit your reservation fee or confirmed adoption balance,  we now offer the option to submit payments via Venmo with your Venmo Balance, for free.  Send to:  @Julie-Habibi from your Venmo App 




VENMO: Habibi Bear Reservation fee: $300 

 Send to: @Julie-Habibi through your Venmo App

Include in your Note:

  • Habibi Bear Non-Refundable Reservation Fee

  • Name on Application:

  • Requested Size:

PAYPAL: Habibi Bear Reservation Fee: $300 

Non-Refundable Reservation +3% CC FEE to use Paypal

(Applied to total adoption fee)


Puppies are hand delivered each litter to Western Wa and the Portland Or. area by us.   Occasionally for an additional fee we can arrange delivery to other areas. 


In addition, we are now offering Puppy Nanny service.  After working with a couple companies since the Covid outbreak, we have decided to offer the same service.

  • The family pays for the flight, puppy carry-on fee,  plus our fee: $650.  If there is any additional need for hotel, we charge $150 a night

  • We will find the best connections for you and confirm the dates and options available.  The fee is in addition to the adoption fee. 

  • Depending on any travel restrictions, we are open to also flying into Canada.  Please inquire

Effective June 2020:
All out of area families will need to arrange transportation to one of our delivery locations, fly and pick up their puppy, or request Puppy Nanny Service  

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Working Hours:


11AM - 5PM PST

Closed Weekends & Holidays

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All email received during weekend and holidays will be returned on the next business day. We look forward to hearing from you!

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