The Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy : Welcoming Puppy Home!

The Ultimate Method in Managing YOUR new puppy.


The myth of obedience training In most traditional dog-training methods, commands and punishment are used before a bond between the owner and puppy is established. How can you expect to get your puppy to obey someone he doesn't trust? Today's dog guardians want to share their lives with their dog, so they can enjoy the companionship and take their dog everywhere. We want to treat our dogs with respect and dignity, so we are searching for better training methods that address the fact that a dog is a living creature who can think, feel and love. We want to have a loving and mutually respectful relationship with our dog, not one based on obedience. There's a new approach to dog training that you need to know about. In this course, you'll learn a heart-centered approach that will help you influence your dog's behavior for life, without the need for fear, force, or punishment. You'll discover how to teach your dog habits that put calmness on autopilot, eliminating stress and conflict caused by jumping, barking, or leash-pulling. You'll also learn how to use your voice, touch, and body language intentionally to create calm interaction and elevate your emotional connection with your dog. During the course, you'll also learn how to read your dog's body language and calming signals, allowing you to adjust your training approach accordingly. This groundbreaking approach to dog training is based on research into animal training that uses strategies from human psychology. It's so simple and easy that anyone can learn it in no time at all. The best part is that this approach is fun and easy for both you and your dog. You'll be able to quickly, easily, and gently motivate your dog to tune in without the struggle and stress of traditional obedience training. This heart-centered approach will help you establish a lifelong bond with your dog, where all connection and training will grow from. Julie, the puppy parenting coach behind this workshop, is excited to share this game-changing approach to dog training with dog moms and dads everywhere. She has tested it with her own dogs and clients' dogs, and the results have been incredible. So why not join her and see for yourself whether this approach could work for you and your furry friend? Reserve your spot today and let's make the magic happen!


The Four Cornerstones of Our Program

Get ready to learn all about the four cornerstones of raising puppies. Each area of our training program will fall into one of these four important areas. In order for your puppy to have a balanced life, each need must be met in order. Lets get started!

The Power of THREE!

Three Rituals to transform your relationship with your puppy! The Habibi Method is all about relationship and establishing a bond before ANY form of commands are taught. Your puppy needs to trust its new family, and they don't speak your language. So let's start here friends, and create a little haven of love and trust where all aspects of training can take root.

Unit 1: Intro to Puppy Biting Management

Most methods for dealing with biting puppies are too simplistic and don't work. They fail to take into account the many developmental stages of a puppy. It’s not just that they're teething—there is much more going on than can be addressed by such rudimentary techniques. The Habibi Method gives you the tools and knowledge needed to be an informed puppy parent. With it, you will learn how to manage as well as prevent biting in your dog—and feel empowered doing so!

Understanding Puppy Phases & Why they bite us.

Under the age of 6 months your puppy will be going through three developmental Biting Phases. In this Unit we will take a journey into the evolution of the dog and WHY a puppy's biting is an essential part of their development. Learn a system to identify the behavior and apply the appropriate strategy.

Puppy Chewing

Why do our puppies need to chew so much and how do we handle teething puppies?

Mouthing Manners: Prevention & Handling

As a new puppy parent, it's important to understand that biting is a natural behavior for puppies. However, it's important to teach them how to control their bite and not to hurt humans. This is especially important if you have young children living with puppies. Here are some proper handling techniques and games to teach young children to avoid biting in the first place.

Mouthing Manners: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Now that we’ve discussed basic guidelines, let's talk about nice mouth manners and our System to Manage and Prevent.

The Protocols

A final recap of the Puppy Biting System: We've gathered up all your print-outs of the protocols in one handy place to print and implement today.

Management: Compassionate Crate Training & Confinement Conditioning

In this section we are covering how to compassionately guide your puppy to love confinement in the pen and crate. our protocols are a sequential puppy-led process, that always keeps their well-being in mind. You will have all the tools to make the correct decision for your puppy with our flowcharts and unique puppy games! We can't wait for you to get started!

The Successful House Training System!

Ok friends, get ready to LOVE house training! Our system is so easy to follow, you will feel like a trainer! Learn how puppies think, their cues and how to set them up for success! You got this friend!!!

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