Meet Baker: Mini Apricot Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,
Baker is doing great and has settled right in.  He has gotten used to sleeping in his crate at night but doesn't much care to be in his puppy pen when we need our hands free.  I'm sure he'll adapt.  :)  Ava is learning a lot about what it's like to have a "baby" in the house...crying, accidents,'s all new to her but she's adapting too.

Here's a photo of him taken his first day home.  I call it his "Glamour Shot".  :)  Such a cute boy!



Hi Julie
Baker turned 6 months old yesterday so I wanted to send a recent photo of him. Here he is with Ava enjoying a sunny day in the backyard. He's a sweetheart and a great companion!  And so cute, like a stuffed animal!  As one of my friends likes to say "There's that fake dog again!"

He likes to go places and travels well in the car. I've taken him to my office many times where he loves meeting new people and being the center of attention. He took his first trip to the beach a week ago and discovered that digging in the sand is THE BEST!! 

He cracks us up with his puppy spaz-outs when he goes rip-snorting around the house at high speeds, growling and barking just for the fun of it! :)

He's a smart little guy and did very well in puppy school. "Come" is definitely not his favorite command, although he can be persuaded with one word:  TREAT!

I'm a true believer in Life's Abundance dog food you recommended. I think that's why he's so healthy, active "regular", and his coat looks great.



Thanks again for letting us adopt this wonderful addition to the family.  We cherish him!  More pics to come in separate emails.

Take care

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Meet Cozy​:  Red Confetti Bi-Color

We love Cozy and her wonderful momma! She always keeps us up to date with the goings on with our sweet girl :)

Julie! These dogs should come with a warning! Cozy and I can't walk down the street without getting stopped to find out what kind of dog she is and to tell m how cute she is! Will email you an in depth update later!


Hi Auntie Julie!

I went to the beach for the first time today! I stayed on leash and wasn't allowed to sniff anything or other dogs, but that didn't matter because the ocean was there!! It was 70 degrees out and the water was a little chilly, but I loved it soooo much. I even got to jog on the harder wet sand and through the water which was my favorite! As soon as I have all my shots and my lady parts all fixed up so I can't be a mama I can go to another dog beach closer to home and go off my leash and chase balls!! I can't wait!


Hello Julie!
Let me start with the good stuff - HOW COZY IS DOING. She is just the sweetest thing EVER. My mom is head over heels in love with her, and I am obviously as well.  She is probably the funniest dog I have ever met in my life. EVERYONE comments on how beautiful she is and sweet. She's still very wary of strangers, but in the past two weeks she's gotten a lot more brave, even barking a bit to alert me. Everytime I take her out in LA we get stopped. A friend and I were at dinner two weeks ago and this lady came over and interrupted us just to talk about Cozy. I gave her your website because she was interested in getting her own. My friend said Cozy is like being with a celebrity, everyone wants to come say hi!

About four weeks ago she was at my mom's house playing with my mom's dogs and they were all running like CRAZIES and she made a too sharp turn and ended up BREAKING HER TOE. She was a huge champ and acted like absolutely nothing was wrong for three days until it became apparent that something was broken and it wasn't just a "sports injury" as my mom called it. So she spent three and a half weeks in a splint. I expected her to be like "what is this on my foot? GET IT OFF?" But honestly? She didn't even notice anything was wrong. At all. It was like the splint had been there every single day of her life. She's such an easy going dog, just a little timid of strangers (she runs to me like a mama's girl, very, very sweet). She got her cast off last Wednesday at 3.5 weeks because she'd heeled up so quickly. She's spent the last few days adjusting. She'll get fixed on Friday and spend the weekend with me recuperating and being babied. Everyone is so sad I'm fixing her because they think she'd have the cutest babies. I've had several people tell me "it's too bad you can't harvest her eggs...". Needless to say she's a super star!

Let's see...what else can I gush about? OH YES. She is the biggest nerd. Seriously a huge goofball. She LOVES water (laying in and drinking). My mom was over the other day and had the sprinklers on and turned around and Cozy was just laying in the middle of the lawn getting SOAKED. I also bought her a kiddie pool and she thinks that's pretty great as well.

Seriously, she is the greatest dog and a wonderful Ambassador out here for you guys! We were enrolled in a class, but because of the broken toe she couldn't play with the other dogs so it made no sense to keep going when she would just get frustrated she couldn't play. We'll resume those once she's all healed up from her surgery. She's a little out of control right now, but she's a six month old puppy and when she wants nothing more than to snuggle (she'd rather be up and going most of the time) in the morning it's allllll worth it.

As a puppy she did grow a little funny, but we thought that was part of her charm. When she came she was, as my mom said, a little box. And then her legs grew and her body was little and then she evened out to where she is now. She is a GREAT size...we all thought she'd be bigger, but are really happy with how big she is (she hops up when I bend down to pick her up). I'll measure her sometime this week. Two weeks ago she weighed 25 pounds.

I'll send you a BUNCH (and by bunch I mean ten...possibly more?) pictures of Cozy from my phone so you get the big images. I don't know if I have any of her standing's kind of hard to get her to stay still. She's such a little wiggle worm, ball of energy!

But honestly, I love her so much. She is such an amazing dog and such a perfect fit for me. Sometimes I worry about keeping her SO isolated until sixteen weeks. I was so worried about Parvo I didn't really let her leave the house or interact with other dogs so I worry I've kind of stunted her growth, but I think she's just a generally cautious dog. She much prefers to watch other dogs, and sit incredibly straight and erect, and sit behind a person's leg until she's comfortable with the situation. OH MY GOSH BEFORE I FORGET HER COAT. I haven't cut it because I'm too afraid she'll lose her dark spots so right now her coat is like...two inches long? Maybe a bit longer. After she gets fixed I'll have them do a trim, but for now I'm letting it grow on. Her coat is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Some spots she'd strawberry blonde, some she's a redhead, some she's got the black dots...but her tail. Her tail is absolutely stunning. It's black and white and grey and red and's this gorgeous flaxen beauty tail. I took a picture of it so it'll be in one of the photos I send you!!

Martha and Cozy

Meet Kirby:  Blue Confetti Habibi

Hi Everyone!


I’ve been delinquent in providing you with pictures of Kirby.  She is definitely a joy for us and is everything we could have hoped for.  J


Melinda Fisher

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Meet Daisy: First Generation Apricot Schnoodle

Testimonial :  September 4, 2006
We can not say enough wonderful things about working with Julie or of Daisy, the female  puppy she placed with us in July of this year. If you have reached the web page and are considering working with her as a breeder, please read about our experience below.
What did we love about working with Julie?
1. She was responsive to my e-mails immediately. The night we found her web page I sent her some questions and within hours I heard back from her. This level of quick responsiveness to our e-mails continued through the many months of communication both before we got our puppy and afterwords. We still e-mail with her today and she still has the same high level of responsiveness to us. We were not forgotten once we paid her our money. She truly cares about the dogs she places and the people she places them with.
2. They places dogs on a first come first serve basis. Many breeders feel the need to do personality matching between puppies and owners. While this may sounds well and good, but if you have your heart set on a dog, you want one when you want one, not when the breeder decides you are worthy to receive one. We have 2 small children and live in Minnesota - both of these were factors in getting our dog. We did not want to housebreak a puppy in the dead of winter, so we were very interested in getting a puppy in the spring or summer. Secondly, we did not want to say to our kids, "we're getting a dog, but we can't tell you when. It might be this month or next year depending on whether or not there is the right personality match between us and a puppy." They was very honest and straightforward with us about the waiting list and where we were on it and when we could expect our puppy. The process happened very quickly.
3. They allowed us to leave the tail undocked. This was a very important criterion  for us in getting a dog from Julie. Most breeders are adamant about docking the tails. We just love dogs' tails and wanted to leave it undocked.   Julie did that for us and I can't imagine Daisy without her long, flowing, happy, wagging tail. I recently read that they are leaving all tails un-docked now unless requested. I think that's great.
4. They provided us lots of photos and updates of Daisy once she was born. We were so excited to hear that Daisy had arrived. They were able to start calling her Daisy right away (the name our 7 year old daughter had picked out for our puppy) and she kept us updated on how she was doing for the 11 weeks before we had her shipped to us. We worried a lot about shipping a dog, but Daisy was acting like a normal healthy happy puppy from the minute she arrived.
5. We can tell they care about the dogs more than the money. I know many breeders have a designated "pick up day." Every day after that day they charge a boarding fee to board your dogs with them. They worked with us in finding the best time to ship Daisy to us. She worked around our previously planned summer vacation and the heat wave in Minnesota. Everything she did was to the safety and well being of Daisy. We got Daisy at 11 weeks (3 weeks longer that many breeders require you pick them up) and they never asked us for one penny of additional money to take care of Daisy for the 3 weeks she had her. Other breeders would have charged us around $300 for the extra 3 weeks.
6. Finally and most importantly, Daisy is a wonderful dog. She does not bark, she has great energy, she is healthy, she is smart, and is affectionate and gentle with our small children. If you are looking for an adorable dog who is great with children as well as with adults, I highly recommend this breed and we highly recommend Julie. I can not imagine a better experience in getting a dog than the one we had!

Susan Davis-Ali, PhD

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Meet Tessa:​ First Generation Schnoodle

Just wanted to give you an update on Tessa and thank you for raising such a great little girl. We have had her now for two weeks and can't imagine what life would be like without her. She makes us laugh everyday and we thank God for her. She is such a good puppy and so easy to train! She knows her name, sit, come, wait, and dance. She is practically potty trained. She hasn't had an accident in the house for over a week and a half. She sleeps with our daughter and sleeps through the night from 10:00 pm until 6:30 am. We have such a great routine down now and are thrilled that she has brought our family together in so many ways. I have been trying to get my husband to go walking with me for a couple of years now and he has found excuses to get out of it. Tessa comes into our life and now my husband is the one telling me its time to go for a walk. He enjoys taking her out for a walk each day. We laugh at her silly little ways. She is so cat like it is uncanny. She loves to use her front paws and entertains herself throwing balls and juice bottle lids up in the air. Each night she does the "Habibi 500" and we always stop what we are doing to cheer her on. She can make 5 laps around our kitchen island and living room in 3 seconds flat. Its amazing to watch. Thank you for our little girl. We love her so much! Take care.

Your fan for life,

Angela Garner


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Meet Emmy: Phantom Schnoodle Girl

Hope you are doing well! 


I just thought I’d drop you a note and update you on Emmy – it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve had her!

Emmy is developing to be quite the energetic and headstrong little girl – amazing that we were able to pinpoint that at 5 weeks, with her being the spunkiest of the litter!  When I brought her home that first day, she was pretty wide-eyed with her surroundings, and it but she’s adjusted really well.  I get comments on her everywhere I go!!!  She is an excellent eater and loves her toys, and loves playing fetch.  She is super-social and absolutely loves people and other dogs.  She loves playing with Lucky (my mom’s black & white Cockapoo) and Bella (my sister’s black Cockapoo) – check out the picture of the 3 family dogs J.  It’s so funny when they’re all together helping us “cook” in the kitchen.  We start puppy class next week, which I’m really looking forward to. 

She’s mastered “Sit”, “Spin”, “Come” and we’re about 70% there with “Speak.” And she hasn’t had an accident in over 5 weeks, which I think is amazing, and I’m even afraid to write that so I don’t jinx it J, but I’ve been crate-training her and have been amazed with how she’s taken to it!  I’ve never crate-trained a dog, and have never had potty training be this easy.  

The funniest thing about her – is that she holds her ears differently – I love it – it makes her very expressive.  She also adds some vocals to her yawns (sounds like a little whine) which is so cute!!  I’ve attached a couple of pictures of her.  She is amazing!!!

Thanks so much for being such a caring and responsible breeder…as I’ve seen recent stories about puppy mills in the news I am so thankful that Emmy is from a good home and that mamma and daddy are loved and taken care of :)


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Meet Allegra​: A First Generation Schnoodle Phantom Sable

We named her Allegra today for 'happy.'  Boy is she keeping us hopping!  We hope the shipping day went well for you and your clients.  It was ideal for us. 

Toby     (home 'babysitting'}


Meet Seamus and Maggie​:  Standard Blue Confetti Pups

After bringing the pups home, Shrek is now Seamus and Fiona is Maggie. Nice Irish names to go with ours! The pups are wonderful - It was love at first sight. We are following your schedule for potty training. It is hard not to let them have the run of the house but if we did I know what would happen.
 At this time Seamus & Maggie are staying in the same crate. We have a large wire crate and they seem to be very comfortable.

I went to the Vet this morning and the pups are in fine health. I asked the Vet about the crate and she said her two dogs are in one crate and they are two years old.

Seamus & Maggie will sit for a treat. They did it so quickly you must have been working with them or they are really smart dogs.
I will keep in touch.

-----------------------------------------UPDATE!  ----------------------------------------------

Just a quick note to let you know the pups are doing well.   Getting two dogs is the only way to go.  I'm taking Seamus for puppy training and then we come home and  practice with Maggie.  I was planning on taking Maggie to a puppy training class but she is doing as well as Seamus, if not better.  We are going to move up to the next level. 
We are very happy with the pups and they are good as gold.

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Meet Honus:  Standard Black and White  (Panda)​

WE love hearing from Honus' family!  Here are a few messages over the months about how she is doing :

Hi Julie,

She is really quite the character and I am looking forward to seeing how the new litter will turn out.


She climbed out of her pen, so she sleeps with us now.  She is so sweet and is basically potty trained now.

Honus is a ham, but never stays still long enough to get good pics!!  We have a few, they are attached.

Stodolas here in Tacoma with a pic of Honus, now almost 7 months old.  She is quite the character and we love her!!

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Meet Nani: Blue Confetti Habibi Bear.​

 Hi Julie!
Congratulations on developing your own breed, Habibi!! Fantastic name, and beloved is what these furry puppies are!
I have just adored my little girl Nani (ZuZu) and I couldn't not imagine not having her follow me around everywhere. She was the perfect match for me, thank you!
I have probably over a 100 photos of Nani on my phone but I did attach 3 montages of her so you can see how she is growing. She's pretty cute!

I hope you enjoy the photos,

Jamie & Nani Lund  
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Meet Oliver:   Standard Phantom  with Straight Coat


I wanted to check in to let you know Oliver is doing really well. He's so goofy and lovable. He's in his awkward teen phase right now, his limbs are really long and he still loses his footing - So endearing.



Oli graduated from Petsmart puppy class and is practicing walking on the leash. There has not been another bird accident but there


is a hawk who decided to move into our backyard this summer and he leaves surprises (bird carcass' or feet) that Oli finds almost everyday! We're working on "drop-it" and "leave it" because he gets diarrhea from eating that yucky stuff. He also recently discovered squirrels and loves water LOL



I've attached a couple recent pics for you. He's darling and we love him very much.

Thank you!!!​


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Meet Molly: Standard Phantom Female

I just wanted to give you another update on Molly.  She is doing great!  Puppy training is going very well!  She sits, comes, lays, and will "leave it" (unless it is food...then she runs is really cute).  She is all legs, and is now taller than my beagle Lucy.  I have started grooming her myself and so far she is doing pretty good at sitting still.  She is a lovely girl, and we love her to pieces!  Thank you again for being a reputable breeder and for breeding such beautiful and sweet puppies like Molly.



I finally got Molly and Lucy to stand still by each other long enough to take a pic.  You can see how much taller Molly is.  She is all legs :-)  I just gave her another haircut.  She is such a good girl!!

:-) Alison



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