Tips for bringing home your Habibi Bear

 Bringing Home Your Super Pup

Bringing home your trained puppy is an exciting event! After weeks of hard work, your pup is ready to strut his stuff, showing off everything it learned at the prestigious Habibi University Pup Academy (Go Bears!)  Now it’s your turn to keep up with puppy. Here’s a list of Do’s & Don’t’s to help you maintain the standard of behavior necessary for your Habibi Bear to be of best service to you and your family. 

  • Keep up puppy’s schedule as noted in the go home material handbook “New Puppy Care”.
  • Keep up with daily training and reinforce his/her training throughout the day in short sessions.
  • Feed puppy the same food.
  • Feed and water puppy in its crate
  • Plan for structured time in their crate on a regular basis:
  1. Time alone in crate while you are in other room
  2. Time alone in crate while you are in the same room 
  3. Time in their crate while you are interacting with them.
  • Keep up Potty Training by pottying in designated potty yard/pen. This is very important as dogs are very spatial learners and only master small areas at a time.
  • Find time to use your puppy progress tracker & use your provided training book.
  • Look for chances to reward puppy throughout the day.
  • Make sure every encounter, human or canine, is rigorously pre planned to ensure it is a positive one.
  • Find a Holistic Vet who will listen and support you without trying to sell meds, products, and services.
  • Change your shoes and wash your hands every time you go to the Pet Store to avoid bringing home canine diseases to your still developing puppy.

Please don’t take your new puppy to Pet Stores or Dog Parks. The rule for new pups (trained or otherwise) is “4 off the floor outside (or questionable places) & 4 on the floor inside the home.” Better safe than sorry. A sick puppy is no fun at all.
  • Please keep puppy off the couch or beds. Best to keep up with its training and natural preference for his/her crate.
  • Please no feeding off schedule. Refer to puppy’s schedule in “New Puppy Care” handbook.
  • Please no feeding, or water, outside of its crate. 
  • Please don’t change food or introduce new foods to puppy. Tummies are sensitive to change! 
  • Please don’t allow treats from strangers.
  • Please no interactions with strangers while puppy has on its work vest. Just like a police dog, your pup has learned to respect the vest. Protect your training investment and protect your pup by having it keep its distance. 
  • Please don’t expose puppy to unknown dogs. 
  • Please don’t walk puppy on the streets. 
  • Please don’t enable puppy’s fears. Refer to our go home packet handbook “New Puppy Care” if you need more detailed tips on how to manage this stage of development.
  • Please don’t reward negative behavior (Letting puppy OUT of crate if it barks). This effectively undoes its training. Refer to your “New Puppy Care” handbook.
  • Please don’t allow vets or other pet professionals pressure you into giving puppy more meds or chemicals that you aren’t sure about. Take the time to find someone who will respect your choices. 

By keeping up the routine and consistency that was provided for your puppy, you can be sure that your investment in a trained service animal will be a gift that keeps on giving. Remember, consistency and routine make for a secure puppy and a secure puppy is a happy, well-adjusted dog that is a pleasure to be around. 

Are you preparing to bring home a puppy soon?

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