A Day in the life of our Master Trainer, Emily

Have you ever thought , "it must be such a fun job to train dogs full-time"?  

Well it is something we are absolutely passionate about, and we do love what we do, or we wouldn't be 33 years strong!  However raising puppies - specifically TRAINING - young puppies is very labor intensive work.  I am often left in awe - literally with my mouth open - when I leave Emily's house after seeing what she does,  and how she manages so many moving parts  so effortlessly.   So I thought it would be a fun blog post to give our families a little window into the life of our dear Emily!

2 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM - Emily oftentimes is up in the middle of the night with her new "trainers' or "Littles" as she lovingly calls them.  The first week our puppies enter Pup Academy they are ready for the next phase of their training; carefully being separated from the litter.  Emily handles them expertly, introducing them to nighttime crate training in a sequential process that takes time.  

So the first week especially..... she gets little sleep.  Sound familiar?  How many of you can relate when you recall bringing home your new little infant!? It's much the same for us with the puppies. When Emily is training a litter, she transitions them carefully to learn to sleep separately.   Every two days she moves them another step, until they are scheduled and sleeping longer.  Not all puppies are able to sleep all night right away, they are all individuals and its quite normal for them to still have a nighttime potty break the second week in training...slow and steady wins the race - Rome wasn't built in a day!

7 AM - Emily is taking the older trainers "The Big's" Out to potty in the outdoor potty pen.  She has to move quickly and model the potty bell on the way, down the stairs (yes even the Littles will learn to master the stairs out to the outdoor potty area if they stay long enough!)  Depending on length of stay in the Academy, she may need to take them out in shifts, to ensure each puppy has the chance to see her ring the bell in the beginning and then learn to ring it themselves. This is modeling behavior.   Now they are outdoors in the potty yard and she is watching through the window for them each to potty before they can now go play.   This is a process, and she leaves no stone unturned.  Her schedule is to a T.  Without missing a beat, she now lets them out for some playtime, as the reward for going potty.  It's not even coffee time yet!!

Then its time to move inside and take the "Littles to the litter box", (as the Two Weekers are being transitioned from having full access to the litter box, to now having it placed inside an indoor potty pen where they transition to scheduled potty breaks.) This is compartmentalizing events as puppies are very spacial.  They need to master small areas at a time.  Too big of a space, too much freedom will cause setbacks. The pups are learning to hold their bladders a little at a time and slowly being trained to go potty on schedule!  All of this done without any UTI's!

Now we are off to a short training session - group classes, as well as individual training with each pup.  In our Academy we have room for different age groups, all Habibi Bears.  Each age has different challenges to master, and this also ensures the puppies all are socializing with lots of differently aged dogs and puppies.  As we work exclusively with our puppies, there is no concerns of being exposed to aggressive dogs. They’ve only known love from birth!  This is an important mindset to maintain with puppies being trained for service and therapy, their training looks different when they have a job to do.  So no cutting corners here - all experiences are in a controlled environment to prevent negative interactions with unpredictable dogs or facilities.  In other words- no dog parks and puppy classes outside of our Academy - where all dogs have been handled by us and we know them. 

As the day progresses, her schedule is down the the wire with planned outings for the Advanced Class.  So fun!!
When she has new trainers, she tries to get some rest while they nap, and then schedules her training calls around puppy nap times and free time.  
By the end of the day, she is ready to start all over again!

Each day of the week we have tasks to take care of for Habibi Bears, including Q and A calls, meetings and Zoom training with clients.  
And before you know it, these little Habibi Bears are learning their way around a home, being socialized and cheered on along the way.  All in the loving hands of an awesome trainer!!

Here's a few happy reports from our clients!

"I can't believe this puppy slept from 9 pm to 6 am, and still hasn't made a peep.  He pottied immediately on schedule as you said!"  -H.H. WA.

"This has been the easiest puppy to raise, she is so eager to please and well trained!  Thank you!!" -M.B CA.

"My friends got their puppy from a local breeder of  Shichons, and she is still having issues with house training.  When I told her my puppy was totally scheduled and trained after ONE WEEK of training, she said she definitely is coming to you next time!  Everyone is so impressed at his socialization, from the vet to the groomer.  I am so happy with my puppy! "- J. R. WA

Thank you Emily for all your dedication to our breed, to our dogs and to our families!!!  We couldn't do this without you!!!
Until next time,


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