Space Puppies! Living with the Little Alien in your home

What do you think of when you hear the words Space Aliens? Do you picture little green men with big black eyes and flying saucers? Or maybe Droids like Star Wars? No matter what images come to mind, it helps us to remember that our wonderful Habibi Bear puppies are a type of alien in our homes, having come into our world on a mission of love, peace, and good will. Let me explain.

It is easy to forget that our loving little Habibi Bear guys and gals have just made the ultimate trip to planet Earth after a relatively short gestational period of 58-68 days. That’s only a little over two months! Puppies are born both blind and deaf, with their little eyes sealed shut, with only their mouths and a sense of smell to guide them. When they are three weeks old, they attain the ability to see and hear, are able to move around better, and begin to be able to eliminate waste without mommy’s help via stimulation. 

Play and socialization at four weeks and onward is what teaches our Habibi Bear puppies what the world is all about, and being dogs, they discover the world through their mouths, not having hands like humans. The second most important sense for puppy is also the one that they relied on most to survive: the sense of smell. It helped puppy find their way to food when they had no sight, and that sense of smell led their mouths to the location of the food. Puppies love to lick, bite and nibble because that is how they learn and experience the world around them and it is an important part of their development. 

It always amazes me how much these precious babies will try to do for us out of love! At only ten or twelve weeks of being out of their “Mother” Ship, here they are, trying their very best to follow our commands to keep quiet, stay nicely in a crate, and potty on command without knowing our language. That is astonishing when you consider they have only been alive for less than six months! 

When we realize that we have little living creatures who experience the world with different appendages and organs and abilities it is very much like having an alien in your home, and a need arises to find a common language that both can understand to be able to live in peace and harmony. We need to find a way to communicate clearly and consistently not to bite, what to eat, and where to eliminate so that everyone can cohabitate nicely. We need to honor our Habibi Bear puppies nature by being the very best Pack Leader we can be, by building a relationship of trust and reliability. When we build a relationship of trust and communicate clearly, our Habibi Bear puppy is able to grant your request because they know and feel that love radiating from you, and they can, with guidance, do what you ask. If you need help, we got you covered with our amazingPup Start program to get you and puppy speaking the same language, setting you both up for a life of good times and great memories.   
Our new Mother Ship is about ready to land - with the Habibi Method Online Course coming your way soon!   Be sure to sign up to be in the know when enrollment is open! 

Reach out to us with any questions. We’re always here for you, cheering you on! 

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Puppy Application

Are you searching for a furry family member who's got a special touch for comfort and support? We've got just the thing with our Habibi Bears Breeding Program. 😊

Our Puppy Application is designed with care to pair you with a Habibi Bear that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle. It's all about making a heartfelt connection, so share your story with us - every detail helps!

While you can't pick your puppy like you pick apples, we're here to help! We observe our pups closely and use our Habibi Method assessments to match you with a Habibi Bear that'll flourish in your loving home. We look at Traits, Personality, and the unique Healing Power of our puppies. We're excited to learn about your home and help you find a Habibi Bear that's eager to be part of your family.

Ready to take the next step? Just fill out our Puppy Application, and let's embark on this journey to bring a bundle of joy and companionship into your life!

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