Four-Legged Healers: The Science Behind Therapy Dogs

Not too long ago you would have gotten a confused look if you mentioned therapy dogs. These days, though, the practice is becoming commonplace everywhere from psychiatric clinics to university campuses. In fact, you can now purchase a teeny-tiny Habibi pup straight from us therapy dog breeders. They make for an excellent companion whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression.

The question is, is there any science to back up the effect these mental health service dogs have? In this guide, we aim to answer your burning questions: what are therapy dogs, and where to buy a therapy dog yourself. Read on for the definitive answer on these furry psychologists.

What Are Therapy Dogs, Specifically?

Therapy dogs, or companion animals more generally, are animals that help humans cope with various mental health issues. In addition to depression and anxiety, this can include stress, ADHD, and PTSD. They also serve in the capacity of crisis intervention. You will find companion animals assisting those with dementia, or those in hospice care as well. The limit of a therapy dog's abilities is as big as your imagination.

This means cuddling, playing, walking with, and accompanying people with various needs. Unlike a service dog, a companion animal gets no formal training from its therapy dog breeders. All they have to do is be cute--which they do in spades already.

Do Therapy Dogs Really Work?

The answer is a resounding yes. Just ask the American Psychiatric Organization.

The reasons are easy enough to understand. Body and mind health improves naturally around dogs of all kinds. When you buy a dog, you know you are getting a loyal companion. Dogs will love you until the day they die, regardless of what happens.

Plus, there is a psychological benefit to soft, furry warmth. The Monkey Mother Experiment proved this well enough. Holding, cuddling, or petting a dog creates a sense of security and comfort--two things people with mental health issues need.

Where to Buy a Therapy Dog from Therapy Dog Breeders

The answer to whether therapy dogs work is an open and shut case. The question is where to buy a therapy dog, and whether the therapy dogs for sale are any different from a dog at the pet store. 

The answer? The best therapy dogs for sale you can find are Habibi Bears. They check all the boxes: cute, cuddly, tiny, and loving.

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Get Your Therapy Dog from Habibi Bears

What are therapy dogs? They're cute, cuddly companion animals that help humans with various conditions to cope. As therapy dog breeders, we can assure you that a Habibi Bear will be just the ticket for dealing with whatever you've got on your mind.

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