Grouchy Pants: Why We Love Grumpy Dogs

black tuxedo habibi bear teddy bear puppy www.habibibears.comWe at Habibi Bears, the home of the Original Teddy Bear breed dog, absolutely Love, Love, Love Grouchy Puppies! Yes, you read that right! We love Grumpy Dogs! Keep reading to find out exactly why we have a special place in our heart for you if you have a less than cheerful puppy! 

First, let’s see what our criteria is for identifying a grumpy puppy: a puppy or dog that growls or grumbles when their boundaries are being breached. You may be surprised at our enthusiasm for such moodiness, but if a puppy is growling or vocalizing that they are uncomfortable that is fantastic! Although our beloved Habibi Bear puppies are cute, loving and intelligent, they haven’t yet been able to pull off the miracle of Speaking English so we can clearly understand their needs, preferences and desires. Guess what the next best thing is? You guessed correctly : Growling! Growling is a dog’s way of warning us to give them space, that they are uncomfortable and to please stop whatever interaction we are having with them immediately. Let’s think of growling as a yellow traffic light that warns us of a traffic ticket if we keep going through that intersection. That yellow light tells us to slow down, proceed with caution or just to stop all together and put on the brakes. We don’t normally label yellow traffic lights as bad, so let’s not label our Habibi Bear puppy’s growling as bad either. 

In fact, we are going to go as far as saying that you are doing everything right as a Habibi Bear mom or dad if your puppy is vocalizing by growling. If your puppy is growling, it means your puppy feels safe and confident enough to say “Hey guys! Stop that!” or “Guys, back off and give me space!” And if your puppy is safe and confident, it is because you are doing an excellent job of meeting your Habibi Bear puppy’s needs and providing them with a stable environment! Take a bow! Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back! 

It isn’t easy raising puppies.

 It takes a lot of effort, work and hours of engaging on a heart level in a spirit of goodwill and trust in order to create a lasting bond that benefits both you and your beloved Habibi Bear guy or gal. But like all things that are precious and valued, the loving bond that you create with your puppy will become one of things in your life that you will be able to look back on with pride and say it was all worth it, every early morning walk before it gets too hot, every late night routine to help puppy settle down at night. Because winning the love of a dog is one of the best things in life, ever, hands down.

If you are looking for ways to build up your bond with your precious Habibi Bear puppy, why not drop us a line or slide into our DMs and check out our awesome anti-training program, Pup Start, and see what all the rave reviews are about. If you have any questions or concerns, shoot us an email. We’re always here for you, cheering you on! 

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While you can't pick your puppy like you pick apples, we're here to help! We observe our pups closely and use our Habibi Method assessments to match you with a Habibi Bear that'll flourish in your loving home. We look at Traits, Personality, and the unique Healing Power of our puppies. We're excited to learn about your home and help you find a Habibi Bear that's eager to be part of your family.

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