March Madness or Spring Fever? Why Schedules Matter

baby habibi bear puppiesWow! We can’t believe that it is already mid-March and time is just flying by! Here in the lush Pacific Northwest, Home Of the Original Teddy Bear dog, the Habibi Bears are in full Habibi mode at the first signs of rebirth and rejuvenation. Our lovely little Habibi Bear guys and gals are running to and fro, exploring their new digs and anxiously awaiting the moment when they can show and share with you all the surprises and upgrades we have planned for their and your future, as we are always improving the Habibi Bear experience to set you up for success. Nothing is more important to us than making sure our Habibi Bear pups and their pup parents have all the tools necessary to build the strongest bonds possible, which makes the rest of the dog owning journey easy-peasy! 

Why Feeding Schedules matter:

Speaking of building bonds, did you know one of the best ways to support your Habibi Bear pup is to keep them on a regular feeding schedule? During the clock and time changes of the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, your Habibi Bear puppy might be exhibiting signs of clinginess, hyperactivity or at the other end of the spectrum, extreme sleepiness. Maybe they are extra noisy or doing their best possible Baby Shark impression. These are some of the temporary signs that your Habibi Bear puppy’s internal calibration system, or Circadian rhythm, is trying to catch up to the artificial time changes that we have imposed upon them when we suddenly change their feeding or naptime schedule. A Circadian rhythm is a biological system that responds to a 24 hour cycle based on the exposure to (natural) light and dark in their environment. Because animals are more in tune with nature and their internal clocks, there is the potential for more distress than with humans. The good news is that there are no expensive things to buy, no magic products to order that we need to implement to ease your Habibi Bear pup’s symptoms. 

Here are the top three things to do to soothe your Habibi Bear puppy during times of environmental stress:
  • Be as consistent as possible with their daily feeding schedules. Food is one of the most important ways that we provide safety and security to our Habibi Bear puppies, especially if it is your pup’s love language (Doggie Love Language, Jan 2023). Having the certainty that Mom or Dad is always going to be delivering the doggie goodies goes the longest way in grounding a dog in that level of knowing. We publish once or twice a year our feeding transition schedules (Spring Ahead Schedule, March 2023), and if you haven’t yet checked them out, they’re a great resource for pup parents. We publish them twice a year, fall and spring. 
  • Be consistent with other routine times of your Habibi Bear pup’s schedule, including walks and bedtimes. Dogs thrive on consistency and predictability. 
  • Remember that acting out is temporary and an expression of confusion and insecurity, rather than willful, deliberate disobedience. Give your Habibi Bear puppy extra cuddles, affection or if they are lethargic and sleepy, extra quiet time to recuperate and recalibrate. 

We are sure with your loving support and tender care, your Habibi Bear pup will be back in fighting form and tip-top shape in no time at all. If you need additional support or help,please reach out to us. We have a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to share with our Habibi Bear tribe. We are always here for you, cheering you on!