Setting You up for Success: That Supernatural Habibi Bear Support

We are busy as usual here at the Habibi Bear Central Hub in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, working with the cutest little bunch of Habibi Bear puppies, the Original Teddy Bear dog, that you’ve ever seen. Every day is a new adventure, filled with the joy of seeing our Habibi bear guys and gals blossom and grow. It is truly our honor to witness the transformation from palm size pups into roly-poly bundles of playful exuberance. We love and cherish our role as steward and guide for your future Habibi Bear puppies, until the day that we send them on their way home to you! The role of steward and guide is one that we take very seriously, so much so that we are unparalleled in our ongoing support for you, the puppy parent. Here are all the ways we are always here for you, cheering you on, once you make the decision to join our Habibi Bear Tribe. 

Puppy Charm School is an on-site, in-house enrichment program that gives your Habibi Bear puppy the very best foundation possible, using our Holistic Habibi Method to anchor an all important sense of safety and security in your pup. Through socialization and sensory enrichment, our Puppy Charm School guides those enrolled puppies through the transition from “tiny tot” littermate, to an independent Charm School graduate ready for their new home. If you are concerned with the obligatory tasks of crate training and potty training, fear not! We at Puppy Charm School have you covered! Did you know our Charm School puppies come delivered to you grounded and initiated into the basics of Crate and Potty Training already started for you? All you need to do is maintain the schedule that we have established with them and keep up with the routine! Our Charm School Pups will be fully familiar with being calm and comfortable in their crate, and well on their way to be able to use an indoor potty area, as well as outdoors. Believe it or not, our Charm School puppies lead the way in sophisticated, savvy know-how! How exciting is that? 

All Puppy Charm School clients also receive access to our exciting “Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy,” an amazing culmination of our own tried and true heart-led bonding practices, videos and flowcharts to lead you, the puppy parent, to make that all important heart connection with your Habibi Bear puppy. We have had the most amazing feedback from the puppy parents who’ve had the awesome experience of doing our amazing program with their little Habibi Bear guys and gals. They are simply in awe of how smooth a transition they achieved with their pups by using our Human Guide to the Dog Galaxy protocol. If you are concerned about your ability to follow along, we have you covered there as well. 

We are proud to be able to offer Introductory Calls, Puppy Parenting Coaching Calls, and even Energy Healing Services, all to set you up for a rousing and guaranteed success with your Habibi Bear puppy. We love hearing about how well our puppies are doing in their new homes, and we are dedicated to making that happen! We are here to spread that Habibi Bear love and magic all around, wherever our pups may roam. After all, Habibi means my beloved, and we are all about the love. Check out our amazing support services for yourselves and you’ll soon see that we really are always here for you, cheering you on!