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Meet Our Girls 

Many of these girls are living in Guardian Homes and have various haircuts depending on the family's preference.  A Habibi Bear's natural coat left full length has the appearance of an English Sheepdog, full and shaggy, with different levels of wave or curl.  

Teddy bear cut: Most of these girls are kept in a teddy bear cut, for it's  ease in upkeep  (Miri, Mitzy, Gemma, Darby, Mary and Delia)  

Curly coat: Our two curly girls Ursa and Maisy have different cuts.  Maisy's Guardian family keep her in a Poodle cut, and Ursa is in a teddy bear cut for a curly coat.  

Short cut on body, long ears: Rori and Lani are both short on their bodies with longer ears.  

As you can see, the cut can really change the look of the dogs.  In the end, its a personal preference of each family to maintain their dog in any variety of cut.