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Happy Delivery Saturday to all of our new families!  Al's on the road and delivering all these gorgeous babies to our PNW families, while I'm home with the babies.  Such a fun and exciting time for everyone.  It's always a little bittersweet to say goodbye to our little ones, but it is quickly replaced by feelings of joy and happiness as we meet each of you and see your excitement for your new family member.  It's been an absolute pleasure working with each of you and we welcome you to use our Instagram #'s to keep the conversation going!   We have a big following and Instagram and our Habibi love grows daily.  Be sure to tag us in your pics and if you have an account that isn't private, you

Daily Scoop: Habibi Updates!

Hello Habibi Family! As we are preparing for our big delivery weekend coming up, we had a family that has decided to wait to adopt at the last minute, so we actually have not one but TWO STANDARD Habibi's available now! This is such a rare event and as you know, Standard's are only raised once in a while, so this is an opportunity for some lucky family to be blessed with a pup IN THE SUMMER. We are delivering this weekend, but we can hold them a bit longer if need be. I have another delivery planned the end of the month-- date TBA. Email me today if you are interested in these guys--- habibidogs@gmail.com AND.... Both Matilda and Flora's new litter has arrived! Matilda has five puppies-

Selection for Ursa and Ruby's litters will begin tomorrow!

Hello everyone!!  We have been working away on the selection process for the puppies, and we will have the new pups listed on the 3rd!  I know it's been a long wait and we had a litter arrive right in the middle of our testing so I'm finishing up the puppies today!  We should be on track to start selection this evening--but definitely by tomorrow morning.  Thanks everyone!! Juliette !!

Selection is upon us!!!

Yay!! It's finally time, everyone and I am working away over here finishing up the pictures and videos of these two darling litters of puppies!! Those of you who are ready to select-- I will be emailing each of you to get your choices!!! I am heading back to finish uploading these videos, and get them on the site!! Can't wait to show off these little cutie pies!! Oh... and by the way, we have Matilda's new litter of FIVE babies that just arrived too!! It's been a crazyyyy busy weekend, but I am loving all these little ones!! Juliette and Al

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