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Meet Hoku:  Champagne and Apricot Habibi Bear


Hi Julie,


Just wanted to give you an update on Hoku/Cillian and his new adventures.

I can’t believe it has already been one month.  The time is just flying by!


We got our 16 week shots this past Saturday, and then on Sunday we took him to the groomer to get his ear hairs plucked as it wasn’t quite as easy as the nurse made it out to look.

I’ve attached copies of all his records to date so that you know what we’ve been up to.


Everyone (family and friends, the vet, the groomer, and people at Puppy Kindergarten) is impressed with how easy he is to handle, and I am always sure to give you lots of credit for that.

He has also been great at night.  He doesn’t cry or whimper at all.  He does make a lot of noise when he wants to play!


He is quite the rascal.  He can already jump out of his pen, so one day I tried to put a roof on it – but as you can see from the picture, that didn’t work out so well.

And while he doesn’t get much of chance to play in dirt, he certainly makes the most of his opportunity!


We are just loving him to pieces and can’t thank you enough.  We have already had 2 people ask us for your information so we referenced them to your website.


My sister, Kelly Delepine, is coming to visit next week from California just to meet Hoku.  Sadly, she is not able to bring her dog, Kekoa, with her.(Kekoa is a Standard Habibi Bear!)

Don’t be too surprised if after meeting Hoku, she contacts you wanting another puppy!  : )


Hope things are going well,


Dan, Gayle, and Christina



Meet Blue:  Blue Confetti Standard Boy



Hello Everyone,

He is doing great! A little over a year old now and we love him to pieces. He loves hiking and absolutely loves playing with other dogs.


Just wanted you to know he is well.

Heather R.

Meet Duchess: Mini Champagne Habibi Bear

We have received a few amazing updates on Betsy, now Duchess---we are so impressed with Brian and Rebekah's training!  In a couple days of having this little girl they already had her doing tricks!



Here are a few reports!


Thank you for working with us to get Betsy (now Duchess) delivered. Her first night is going very well. She is playful and very sweet. She is pretty tuckered out now. I've attached a couple photos from the last hour.






I am still blown away by her. She is only 2 months old and I already learned to sit, lay down, and come (clicker training). She went with us to a cabin over the weekend and didnt have a single accident. She is so smart and well behaved!


We are 100% positive reinforcement. We are dojng our best not to teach her bad habits. I'll see if Bekah wants to take a video tonight of the tricks. Attached is a photo of her on her 2nd walk today. She loves all of the sounds, textures, and smells outside.


Brian and Rebekah


Meet Wesley: Mini Black and White Panda Habibi Bear

Hi Julie!

I wanted to let you know that Wesley (formerly known as Benjamin) has been a total joy these past few days. We are so enamored of him and he has really impressed us with how fast he's learning. I've even taken him to work with me and he has been a big hit. We had a vet appointment on Monday and they said he's healthy.

As promised, here are a couple initial photos. I'll send you an update when he starts getting a little bigger.

Hope you're well! Thank you for making this such a smooth process, we couldn't be happier.







Meet Pippen: Black and White Panda Boy

This is a great report from one of our very special famlies.  I wanted to highlight a comment about first days home, as she was able to find great help in following the Doggy Dan info on our training page.  We think he is tops for helping families learn how to establish leadership in a loving and respectful way!


Thanks Kayley and Jason!!!


Hey Julie!

First of all, congratulations on matching most of your remaining pups! I know you'll probably miss the constant swarm of puppies, but I'm sure you're also ready for a little more quiet around!


Here's an almost one week update on little Pippin. He has been a fantastic puppy! I'm so impressed by him every day. The amount of care you put into him in his time with you is obvious! So excuse me, but I'm going to gush...a lot! ;D

 He knew from day one what the litterbox was for, and when he is in his pen I don't even worry; I know that he will use the box. Even when he isn't in there during play time, if I missed a potty signal (sniffing, paying more attention to absorbent surfaces, etc) he will go to his pen and give a quick whimper to let me know he needs to go in to get to the box. So smart!

 He also loves his crate! When he is tired or wants down time he just goes in there to rest. I've made sure to reinforce the crate as a safe happy place, but your time adjusting him to it went a long way!

Another thing my husband and I have noticed is that he is very well adjusted to noise. When he hears something new, he will stop and listen attentively, but he is never scared. I attribute a lot of that to your time socializing him! 

I've started playing training games in order to get out some of that puppy energy. Jason and I play a game I've named "recall". We stand a few feet apart and call him to us back and forth. Once he got the hang of it and learned the cue "come" we began moving further apart and calling him to come. Now when we play, we move all around and will even hide sometimes before calling him to come. His recall is really great because of it and it gets his energy out from running all around the room!

His intelligence doesn't even stop there. He picked up "sit" in the first session, and we've incorporated it into our recall game now. Then I noticed he was doing a really good stay on his own, so I taught him the cue for it. We're up to a consistent 10 second stay and he will hold the stay while I step back a few paces as well. 

The last command we are working on is "drop". He is doing really well in dropping whatever he is playing with and looking right at me on cue. 

I'm really happy with the progress we've made in just a week!

Our first day or two were pretty rough. I think we weren't setting ourselves up as the leaders. I turned to the online dog trainer (doggy dan, who you recommend on your site) and started following his 5 rules and it changed everything! We were having huge trouble with whining in his pen, which is almost gone now. And we were struggling with redirecting him to bite on toys rather than clothes. That is still a struggle, but he will pick it up on the 2nd or 3rd redirection now, which is a huge improvement.


I know this email is quite long, but I am just so proud of him and I attribute so much of him to you! From your breeding lines to your care of him, you've really given us a gift! I can't thank you enough!


He is excelling in obedience so far, and he LOVES to climb, jump, and crawl through anything he can, so I think once we start and finish puppy kindergarten we may work on agility - he just really seems to love it! 




Meet Barney and Rufus: Black Tuxedo and Apricot Parti Boys

Thanks again for everything, we couldn't be more delighted with the new members of our family. In fact a few minutes ago we were showing them off to some friends in Mexico via Skype.


After we saw you we headed back home but didn't get here until after midnight. I was convinced the puppies would hate us and that we had got off to a bad start. But they were super well behaved. They love their new pen and crate.


We have had no problems and give them lots of attention. I have been sleeping beside their crate the last 2 nights and they have been very good.


Barb will be taking some video shots of them and we will try to pass these along.


Hope the other new parents are just as happy with their new additions too.


We think it was a great move getting two as they seem less lonely and wear each other out! They are amazing little beloved bears.


Peace & Patience


John & Barb

Meet Andy & Rebel: Black Tuxedo and Blue Confetti Parti Girls

Hi Julie!

They are doing great!  They seem to be very comfortale in their nursery.


Here is a cute pic of the girls sleeping :))


Tired pups :)  They have been doing great at night, they wake up about 4:30 am to go potty.  We absolutely love these two <3




Meet Beasley and Bailey: Phantom girl and Sable boy


Hi, Julie:


Thanks again for your long drive today to bring us our babies.  Just wanted to let you know that they were incredibly well-behaved on the way home and, in fact, slept most of the way.  They are feeling pretty much at home already, are actively playing in their pen, and have created a new game known as "ring around the litter box".  Oh, another one, "move that crate!" They're having a very good time!  No problem with the food and water bowls.  Both have used the litter box.  Now winding down a bit, and perhaps nap time?

Hope your return trip home was peaceful and uneventful. 

Please have a great remainder of your day, and know that you have assisted in making our lives very happy!


Best regards,

Les and Melissa


Ok sit (hand and verbal) and they come when called. Next we are goi​ng to work on leash training and making coffee in the morning :) we may wait for leash training until I find a collar that fits Bailey.


They are a blast



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Boopsie is precious!! Already settling in and wagging her tail :)))

She is doing really well and we love her!



Meet Boopsie: Confetti Sable Girl

Meet Cubbie: Sable Parti Color girl

Hi Julie,

She's doing so great, I love her! She did not cry thru the night, and let's me know when she needs to potty when in the crate at night.


Actually slept thru last night woke at 7:00am, amazing.





Isn't she just the cutest ever! I love my little Cub<3<3<3



I hope you're well...this is Cubby with Santa and her 2 best friends in Seattle, Bentley and Ted.

We are in New Jersey with my parents  for the holidays and here is Cubby with my nephews. They love her as do everyone Cubby encounters. She is the best Xmas present ever!

Sending lots of love,

OL and Cubby

Meet Bing Bing: Red Tuxedo Girl

Hi Julie, 


I wanted to thank you for the adoption of Bing Bing. She is lovely, cute and full of energy. She is 5 months old now. I wanted to send you her picture for a long time. Didn't get the chance. Here is Bing Bing recent picture. 

Karen Yee

Meet Finley: Apricot Boy

Hi Julie,

Here is an updated picture of Finley Madrid Cunningham!  We love him! He looks like his dad Wookie.
Take care.
Katie Madrid Cunningham

Meet Nautica: Red Sable Tuxedo Girl

Krista is such a doll.  I have enjoyed working with her and our little conversations along the way!  Here are a few updates on her beloved Nautica!



Hi Julie! 


Wow she is a good girl! She slept all night, I got up at 2 to make her potty outside and she went and she slept the rest of the night till I woke up at 6:30. She did not potty in her crate!

I'm using the app sleep pillow (sound soother)


She's so happy and eating and drinking water just fine! 







Thank you and happy holidays to you! 

Nautica is doing wonderful and we are scheduled for the 3rd vet appoint on the 22nd, the vet said she is super healthy! I spoke w a woman Susan who is getting one and going to let her meet Nautica and set up play dates as she lives very close to me!

A woman in my office told her about Nautica.


My heart is so full and I wake up every morning with my little bear so excited to start the day with  her!  



Here are some recent photos 



Meet Stella: Sable Parti Color Girl

Hello Julie,


I just wanted to send an update on our sweet little Stella.  She is doing great!  She is very smart and inquisitive.  We are trying to get after bad habits (nipping, chewing...) and the positive reinforcement method is working well.  She only cries at night when she needs to go outside.  Our friends, family, vet and groomer absolutely adore her!  How can you not?  It truly shows how much care you have put into making such a perfect breed!  We are truly grateful for her.  Hope everything is going well with you and your family!


Thanks again, 


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