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Puppies with purpose.
support to last a lifetime.  THAT'S THE HABIBI BEAR MAGIC

 Prices &  Perks

thank you so much for your interest in our habibi bear puppies!

As the creator of these magical dogs it is our goal to assist as many families as possible with the healing power of our Habibi Bears. 

We can’t wait to welcome you into our Habibi Bear family so experience the magic for yourself! 

For your convenience, we provide many options for your method of payment. We take pride in our providing exceptional service throughout the adoption process and encourage you to schedule a call at any time with questions. 

A HAbibi bear puppy

 Habibi Method 
Reared Puppy©

A healthy, happy, Habibi Method raised puppy.  Available without training on  the litter's scheduled Gotcha Delivery Day- for families who want to experience all the new puppy training themselves.

  • Puppy Price before adding training 
  • Imprinted Puppy
  • Allergy Testing
  • Habibi Method: Advanced Service Puppy Curriculum
  • Habibi University : Foundations Access
  • Unique Selection & Matching Process 
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Health Guarantee
  • Gotcha Day at our location 
  • Add on Packages for additional perks


 Pup Start 
charm school 

  Add Transitional Training 

Skip the initial stress of bringing home your new puppy!  Bring home a Habibi puppy that has introductory transitional training; crate, scheduling, potty training & clicker training- with our relationship-based puppy raising program! Now you can have the best of both worlds-build a lasting bond with your puppy while learning how to guide your puppy to choose calm and establish healthy leadership the Holistic Montessori way!

  • Trained with our Power of 3 Program!
  • Habibi University Access
  • FREE Access to our Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Holistic Training Course $695 value
  • Follow-up training support & text line 
  • Lifetime Support

 $650 per Week!


  Add Additional Services

Our premium perks are what make is the leader in the industry.  Choose the level of support that fits your budget and lifestyle! 

  • Ground Delivery 
  • Flight Nanny Service  
  • Weekly Q & A Zooms 
  • Snuggle Puppy  
  • Transition Kit 
  • Professional Photo Session of your Puppy 
  • Health Plan through Trupanion + -Includes 5 year Health Guarantee
  • Habibi Method Book & Course
  • Courses
  • More!

Customize Your Package!

 *Price ranges are approximate, individual puppy pricing may vary.  

*Payment plans are available!

Pup Start   Training

Montessori for your puppy!
At Habibi Bears we are here to serve our families and meet their individual needs. Our Pup Start Training Program is the perfect fit for families who desire to have a head start to crate training and scheduling but feel the importance of being part of the Socialization Period with their puppy.  We created this new program with your family's needs in mind.  We will get your puppy off to a wonderful start and into your loving arms within the Socialization Period so you can bond and imprint with your puppy!  

Your puppy will come home with access to our groundbreaking new Homeschool Training Program:
 Welcoming Home Your New Puppy- the Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy!
This Course was developed for our clients and is complete with videos and handouts and scheduling, so all you need to do is follow along, and feel relief knowing you are giving your puppy exactly what it needs!  No more worry of mishandling things- all the tools are in YOUR hands and YOU have the power to create the most beautiful life with your new Habibi Bear!

What's Included:
  •  This intuitive method begins at the foundation with Management FIRST before teaching commands (unlike most training that has an emphasis on commands and obedience that only stresses out new puppy parents.) 
  • Puppy-led protocols - guided by pup's progress so you always have success!
  • Clicker Introductions with fun games!
  • Enrichment activities to keep puppy super engaged in their pen
  • Routines to allow pup ample time for rest and play 
  • Learn how to make the crate and pen their most desired locations!
  • Prevent separation anxiety from even taking root in your puppy with these tried and true protocols! 
  • flow charts to guide you through:
    • crate training sequential work
    • puppy biting protocols for each biting phase
    • house training guidance 
    • introducing puppy to its new home & a bonding practice
  • Establishing your relationship FIRST through the Power of Three Rituals
  • A focus on transitions and how to ease transition stress with compassion!  
  • Three Main Areas of New Puppy Handling that everyone asks about the most:
    • Puppy Biting Phases & protocols to identify & manage them 
      • We share extensive research about why puppies bite, what YOU are doing to make it worse, instead of better-and break it down into flow charts for you to manage each phase.  No more lame vague advice, this is the ultimate puppy biting management protocol!
    • House Training success protocols
      • We created a super fun new routine for new puppies in homes, your kids will love it!  And it will train YOU on how to be consistent and establish routines.
    • Compassionate Crate & Confinement Training 
      • This is a gentle sequential acclimation process that takes the stress out of transitions with our puppies and guides us so we feel confident, too.  This is not the typical trainer's advice of let them cry it out.  We help you guide puppy in a compassionate way that respects their feelings!  Their feelings matter! 

This Stand Alone program is  $695 and is included for FREE with every puppy who stays for level 1 Pup Start Training!

 FREE with Pup Start Training! 

Visits are encouraged or pick-up at our headquarters for a Gotcha Day Event you won't forget!  

Add a Photography Package with our photographer to capture this wonderful once in a lifetime occasion of bringing home your new puppy!       

Adoption balances and training fees are refundable up until you are matched with your puppy and it enters training.  

After that point, the puppy is considered yours, and money is no longer refundable


We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed, and the families that love them. Read on!


We offer allergy testing upon request to ensure every placement is a happy ending.

Socialization Program

30+ years experience in raising thriving puppies with our Advanced Puppy Curriculum.  A scientifically proven method that not only instills strong bonding instincts, but sets our puppies up for success as outstanding service animals and family pets!

Visit your puppy virtually

Our home is our sanctuary away from all the troubles in the world. In order for me to maintain the balance for my family and my animals, we provide virtual visits for our families.

Unique Selection Process

With the aid of science and my intuitive process, our puppies are placed in the home that is best suited for their needs and abilities. Our process takes the guesswork and worry out of choosing your puppy!

Pup Start 

Want a little hand in getting your puppy off to a great start in training?  This program is for you!  Our Habibi Method © is the foundation of our in-house Pup Start training program.  A relationship-focused approach to raising a healthy happy companion!  
We will give your puppy a head start at our Habibi Enrichment Center and then you will be able to follow along at home with a self-guided weekly step-by-step program that will empower YOU to  train your puppy for your family!

"Money can't buy happiness, except little puppies!" 


Families looking for a therapy puppy for sale, or a service puppy for sale, want nothing less than a healthy, well-bred puppy, from health-tested parents.  Look no further than dog breeders at Habibi Bears in Washington State. Your new Habibi Bear will arrive  trained per your personal needs and ready to become part of your family with minimal effort on your part. Now your family can enjoy all the magic a new puppy brings to your home without most of the early hassles that often accompany these little bundles of joy.

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