​Whats Next? You have joined the waiting list and are now starting the jaunting task of preparing your home for the arrival of your new Habibi Bear  This is an exciting time for your family, and you have lots of questions! We created this area just for you! 

Puppy Care

The drop-down pages under this tab will walk you through the process of preparing for your little one, and what to purchase for your new family member.  We even created a shopping page for those that want to do their shopping online.  (Don't forget to order your food in advance so it is there when puppy comes home!) Be sure to set aside some time to watch the training videos, and as a Habibi Bear family, you will be given access to the Habibi University page when your litter has arrived!

Puppies are just like children, they require love, food, and discipline. If you supply these three important ingredients, you will have a well adjusted and lovely pet! Use your common sense when it comes to the training of your puppy, and refer to our website and the handouts we will give you to help with the transition and acclimation of your new family member.

A New Puppy

As you may know, bringing home a puppy and introducing it to your family is an exciting, but anxious time for your new little one. Most puppies experience separation anxiety, and the symptoms can be moderate to severe. Some puppies will cry, stop eating, and shake until they are used to their new home and family. These are normal reactions to a new environment--don't be alarmed if your puppy is showing any of these symptoms. It is upsetting to see your little puppy show signs of stress, but you can help him adjust with a few easy precautions.


Pretty soon, the stress will be a thing of the past for your baby, and you will see him more at ease in his new home. Just think of what if would be like for you to be separated from your family and put into a new situation--even animals feel the anxiety of separation. The good news is, usually it doesn't last long. Typically within 3 days your puppy will show signs of adjustment!