Interview with Habibi Bear Family Guardian Home. Tully's forever family ​about being a Guardian Home.

Has it been more of a  time commitment having the Guardian dog?
No, quite contrary!  We get to plan ahead for a paid vacation!  We would commit the same amount of time with any dog, as it is a responsibility as a dog owner.  The only difference has been to be aware of her heat cycles and recording the dates to ensure we get her to Julie for breeding.  We LOVE the fact that we can count on vacationing every year while Tully is whelping her litter. Not only that, but instead of PAYING for kenneling at a large kennel, she is loved and cared for by Julie's family. And we get a $500 Bonus, it's like paid vacation!  Who can complain?


Do you have special training or other requirements with you have a Guardian dog?
We are required to feed Tully PawTree and maintain a healthy lifestyle for her.  Julie also requires that we attend at least one 6 week training class.  We would have done so regardless as we feel it is important to the training of our dog.  There are no extra requirements  to stay home with the dog other than what any family would do as a responsible dog owner.  We ensure she is loved, fed and received veterinary care and up to date on her vaccinations.     

Habibi Bears pays for any reproductive care required for Tully. 

What are the Positives?
There have been nothing but positives.  We feel like we have a mentor in raising our dog, and  we love having a part in the Habibi Bear Breeding program. We believe in Julie's methods of raising her puppies and her obvious passion for her dogs is amazing.  The more we see what she and her family put into the dogs, the more we realize what a HUGE responsibility it is to have a quality breeding program.  It is very time consuming and I know I could never do that!  Just seeing my dog's puppies on her site and knowing we were able to experience part of this is a privilege.  She treats us like family and we have become great friends with her family.  It has been extremely rewarding experience and we are going to be adopting a second Guardian Dog in 2013.

Why did you choose to become Guardians rather than adopting Tully?​
Actually, we were on her waiting list for a litter.  When it was time to choose she had mentioned how she really wanted to breed Tully but had not found the perfect home for her.  We went home that day and discussed the prospect of becoming guardians and asked Julie if we could apply.  She approved our family and it was the best decision we ever made! .

Have there been any negatives to being a Guardian Home?
Not at all.  Many people ask if it is extra work for us to keep Tully intact, and have to let her go for so long.  We have not had any issues, as Tully goes to Julie's when she needs to be bred,  and Julie whelps her litter at her house.  We usually take the opportunity to go on a vacation during this time.   We are so proud to be a Habibi Bear Family.

With Regards,
Fred & Jan