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Meet Moomin: Tri Color Habibi Bear

Hi Juliette!

I just wanted to give you an update on our Standard Schnoodle puppy...originally Aiden but we named him Moomin.

Moomin is an awesome, awesome, awesome dog. We feel so incredibly lucky to have found Habibi Bears and to have been paired with Moomin. He is the PERFECT dog for us. I don't know what you do, but you're doing an amazing job with the puppies. The litter box training that you do helped incredibly, but he's already pretty much trained to go pee and poop outside now, and it took a lot less longer than we thought it would. Plus, he's had a total of maybe 3 "messes" in the house. He peed on the carpet 3 times within the first week of having of him, but he's never pooped in the house. I'd say 90% he pees and poops outside and the other 10% he goes in his litter box if needed when we he is left alone for a few hours. We have the litter box in the mudroom and we keep him in there when we leave the house. So thank you so much for setting us up with the litter box because you really did set us up to succeed! We are already thinking that when we get Moomin and friend, he/she will have to be from Habibi again because we've been so pleased and impressed.

I have attached a few pictures. We live on 5 acres, and he just LOVES romping around in the field.

Thank you!!!

-Maggie, Fred, Cecilia and Penelope

Meet Treasure:  Mini Phantom Habibi Bear

Good Morning!
I have the very highest gratitude and respect for You and your Family.  I have had many Dogs(puppies) in my life but none can compare to my Boy.
By following your example in setting up his pen, when introduced to his area, He was at once at home.  I recommend this to all that are to be Bless with your Dogs.  He used the litter box at once. Ate, drank  and made Him self at home by beating up and Alpha the big stuffed bear in the pen.
By following your list, After having 3 big play periods, He slept till 6 this morning.  I didn't because I had to keep checking on him.
This Morning He is trying to climb out of the pen as I do my Chores.  But I am Truly in Love with my Boy.
Thank you for your Wonderful training and socializing of my Boy.  But Most of all for allowing me to have such Joy brought into my Life.

My Very Best Blessings,

And another wonderful update on "Treasure"

Good Evening!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.
My Boy's name is Treasure (Treas) for short.  Because He such a wonderful piece of Life's Treasures that I have been blessed to come into my life.
So Too smart!    He keeps me going keeping him stimulated so He does not get bored and into trouble.  Learned the first night to jump on top of the crate and try to jump out.  Now there is a lattice covering part of the pen. Sleeps through the night, Steals everyone heart, and has endless energy.  Sending some pictures beating up his favorite bear that naps with Him.  Also in the back yard helping me plants flowers   He is very good at aerating my yard by pulling glass out by the roots! 
He has brought continuous joy and laughter into my Life.  I again can't Thank you enough.
My Very Best to you
Pat and Treas

Meet Joey:  Mini Apricot Habibi Bear


Just a note to let you know things could not be going any better, we are totally in love with Joey (snoopy) .  I just have to say that the smooth transition is due to all of your information,  I cant tell you how much I appreciate having all of the things like the litter box ( he uses like a champ) the x pen etc... I would not have known about any of this stuff and I know things would not be this smooth without them.  Also the schedule you sent has been very helpful.  One more thing,  Joey is so cute that our neighbor will be calling you, as soon as she saw him she wants one and I told her how wonderful you are as a breeder.  We will send pictures when I have a moment. 

Thanks Again
Debbie,Mike ,Emma and Joey Crawford


Also attached is a picture of Joey graduating for dog training at Petco.  He is doing great!

Meet Leto:  Standard Sable Bi-Color Habibi Bear


Leto had his new puppy check-up and he's a perfectly healthy, happy little butterball (he's almost 8 pounds now!)  

Here's a recent photo (we don't get many pictures of him awake, he doesn't do much sitting still then =p) His coat it gorgeous, the sable has little sprinkles of gray mixed in and he has sprinkles of a really pretty peach color on his face, paws and belly where the sable and white parts meet, so adorable!

He has the perfect personality too, social, playful, and a super quick learner, we just love him so much =)

Thank you!


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Meet Maggie: Standard Sable Bi-Color Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,
I hope all is well with you. Here are some pictures of cute little Maggie. She's so adorable and we love her more everyday :) She's super playful and has a great temperament. We are socializing her and she's got her next round of shots scheduled for tomorrow.

How are her littermates doing? Have you heard from any of the other new parents?
Annie & Shane

Meet Arthur : Tri-Color Standard Habibi Bear

A quick note to let you know Arthur is doing great! 

Happy Easter, He is Risen! 

The Measons

Meet Tucker:  Mini Chocolate Sable Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,


I wanted to write and let you know how fun it has been getting to know Tucker and what a joy he is to all of us! He is incredibly loving, smart, engaging, curious, eager to learn, and loves being social and active. He is such a delight.


Everywhere we go people comment first on how cute he is and then without fail they always mention how great his personality is. He is very gental but confident with the other dogs he interacts with and he is usually found running around the room with all the other dogs chasing him. 


I am constantly asked where I got him, what mix he is, how old he is, his name, if they can pet him..etc. Wow we get a lot of attention. We are in puppy kindergarten and it is hard to train him because both kids and adults come up in the middle of class and want to hold and pet him!


He is doing so well. He knows sit, down, come, off, and dance. We are working on roll over, stay, cops, bang, and leash training. He knows to ring the bell to go outside and he knows that that is where he is supposed to potty. He is crate trained now and he goes there to hang out and relax and sleeps there at night. He slept through the night without crying the 3rd night he was home and has not cried since.


He did his second set of shots the other day and was deemed a very healthy pup by the vet. I am so excited when we can finally start taking him out for walks and to the dog park/beach next month. I think he will love it! Thank you for answering all my emails and questions before and after he came home. We absolutely love him.

I thought I would send some pics along.


Thanks again!






One Year Update!

Hello Julie,


It has been almost a year since Tucker was born and I wanted to send you an update on him. He is an amazing dog! Thank you!!


I loved his grey tips and I didn't want to cut them because his undercoat was white but his hair just kept getting longer and longer...Eventually he really needed a haircut!! (pic 1) The poor guy couldn't see anymore. (pic 2) Below is his after (pic3)! Can you believe it! He was a totally different looking dog!! 

He was much happier with his new do. He lost all of his teeth... that was an experience!! (pic 4)

After getting all his shots he started going to the dog park. He has lots of friends there now! 



After the first grooming experience left him completely white we thought we would try for some extra color and style.(pic 9) He sported a green mohawk for a couple of months.  Tucker also went on a three week camping trip to Yosemite.  Lots of hiking, pine cone chewing, and swimming. He actually likes to swim! It would get so cold at night that even though he had his own sleeping bag it was warmer with a human (pic 10) ...Definitely most interested in sleeping on the bed!! (pic 8)  Is patient with riding in the bike at the beach (pic5) as long as....

We make time for a romp at the dog beach before heading home!! (6)


It has been a GREAT YEAR!

Izabella  and Tucker

Hi Julie:
We are now officially in love with Jasper.   He cried a little last night when we put him to bed, but nothing like we were expecting....we didn't think we would get any sleep.  But lo and behold, he was quiet almost all of the night.  I got up with him at 6 am, not because he was crying, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on him again!!!
Here is a picture of him in his bed.  He absolutely loves this "cave" like bed.  It is actually a cat bed, but we thought it would be a good little "cave" for him and he loves it.
He has made his way into our hearts and is getting lots of attention.  Eating and drinking water regularly.  He's not eating as much as I thought he would, but definitely eating several times during the day (a few little pieces).
He is such a baby and cries if he is not nestled against one of us...I know, we can't spoil him like that...but we can't help it these first few days!
So that's our first 24 hour report.....WE love him!!!!  Thanks Julie!!  Will keep you posted!
Sherry and John

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Meet Jasper:  Mini Blue Confetti Habibi Bear



 My mom got sweet little Audrey from you, who we now call Greta. I call her Gretzky as we are hockey fans and she is quite the athlete! I am lucky enough to spend many afternoons playing with her, she loves fetch! She is quite a smarty pants and we have enjoyed beginning to train her. She just graduated from puppy class and we think she is a genius! She is such a snuggler! It makes us so happy to have her greet us when we come in the door wiggling and giving kisses and she loves to sit on the couch with us and nap. We are so lucky to have her. The vet thinks she is going to stay pretty small, around 20 pounds they think. Her hair makes her look bigger but when she's wet she is a tiny little thing! We love her so much and are so glad she is in the family. I will attach a few photos so you can see how she's grown!

Meet Greta: Standard Blue Phantom Confetti Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,

This is Lauren's 9 year old daughter.  I love Toby, he is a very playful puppy.  He is doing really good and he is really catching on with fetch.  We think it is really funny how much he loves his reflection. He also loves to run around.


I hope to see Toby on the happy tails page.

Thank you so much for our new puppy!





Here is another update from Toby's family!  (Can I just say how much this email touched my heart???!!)  Seriously, folks...this is why we do what we do.  Thanks Lauren, Rachel and Sam!





I'm glad that my little gift came at a good time and showed you how much impact each and every puppy can have on the families that welcome them. You breed perfect little family members that can bring families together and help to mend broken hearts. Additionally, my vet said that the health record that came with Toby was the most comprehensive and clear she'd ever seen come from a breeder. She was also blown away by the housebreaking schedule.


You are wonderful and should feel very proud of what you do, Julie. Thank you. 



Lauren, Rachel, Sam, & Toby

Meet Toby: Mini Confetti Parti Color Habibi Bear



I wanted to send you a message and thank you for bringing Gigit (Now named Leela) into our lives. She is 6 months now and is so amazing! She gives tremendous amounts of love to each person or animal she meets. Here is a photo of her :)  She is our little angel :)


The thought has also crossed our minds (after dog sitting for a friend) that we may be interested in a companion for Leela. She has our amazing cats - but they just don't seem to have the same drive for play that she has!


We saw Latte may be available.


Thank you!!

Love & Light,



(And Latte Has joined the ranks---he is now...Bodhi!!)


Here is a note from Deva,

Here's a super sweet pic of the two bonding together so beautifully! They are wonderful companions!



And now they welcome, Rishi!


We got him:)!!! He's amazing and so sweet. Leela has don't fantastic with him too!!thank I so much:) all smiles in our house tonight!  He is such a sweet soul.





Meet Leela, Bodhi and Rishi:  Sable and Chocolate Habibi Bears

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I thought you might like to see how Sally (aka Gigi) is doing.  She got her name from our experience in the airport.  Everyone she met just giggled at her, so Gigi is short for Giggles.  She absolutely loves everyone she meets and even calmed a toddler who was in the middle of a major melt down.  Gigi has been coming with me to my office.  She's a pretty good assistant.


Linda W. & Gigi


Meet GiGi:  Sable Parti Color  Habibi Bear 

Hi Julie!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Charlie is getting so big, nearly 17lbs!

He's such a joy and loves to run ( in his sleep and outside). And clearly he's a total snuggler.


Meet Charlie : Standard Black and Tan Phantom Habibi
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Dear Julie (and Habibi Crew),

We are absolutely delighted with our experience with you!  It was equally wonderful to have our sweet girl delivered to us and have the opportunity to meet you in person!  What a sweetheart you are, and it was obvious to my family how much you love your dogs and what you do.  I have never met anyone that has experienced such high level of care and attention from their breeder!  Julie, I will tell you again your site is like a Bible!  I go to it for info daily, and cannot thank you enough for the work and time you put into it every day.  It is so very obvious that raising these puppies is truly your gift. 


Zuzu's first day home was a little rough as you told us, she wanted us to hold her and she did cry at night, but we persevered and every day was better.  After a week she was the puppy we saw at your house on choosing day and seemed to feel confident in hew new home.  You knew we wanted a mellower dog, and while it was amazing to see the amount of energy she had at times, we also discovered that she would melt when we held her, just like you said.  At 1 year and 4 months she is so laid back and totally mellow with short bursts of energy "Habibi 500" that crack us all up.  She can run circles around anyone and is so filled with zest for life!   We live in a high rise apartment in Downtown Portland Oregon, and our little Zuzu is perfect for our lifestyle and home.  She adapted well, and looks forward to our daily walks, both morning and night.  We enjoy traveling with her to beach and she is still small enough to take on the airplane as a carry-on. 


My husband and I cannot thank you enough for our new family member.  She makes our lives complete.


Elinor, Fredrick and Zuzu



Meet Zuzu : Red Confetti Girl

Meet Winnie & Graham:  Sable Parti Color and Red Sable Habibi Bears


Hello Hello!

Hallie officially became Winnie and she is the light of my life! My whole family fell in love with Winnie immediately...we really do sit around and talk about how she really is the world's cutest pup :) Wherever Winnie and I go, we get stopped for pictures and a chat about how well behaved and adorable she is. We started puppy classes and even though she is the smallest, she has the biggest personality. The trainers even told us how impressed she is with how quickly she is picking up the commands. My cats have become her kitty sisters and the group of them is the three best friends that any pet owner could have.


My students have taken an extra special liking to Winnie and have made her our mascot....she gets read to and walked everyday with 70 rowdy 6th graders! She has taught them patience, responsibility, and confidence no matter the size.

Thank you so much for everything and I will keep you updated with Winnie and our adventures!





Winnie Update!

Hello there! Winnie will be 10 months only tomorrow! She has been such a perfect addition to our family! She is now being a fashionista with her halter and loves to frolic around in her various fancy outfits. We will take her hair out of her signature pony but she seems to be quite fond of it. I always get stopped when she is out and about with me because everyone wants to know what kind of pup she is. I always proudly let them know she is a super special habibi bear :) we can't wait to see what other adventures she will have!

Winnie Update!!

It's a boy!  Winnie has welcomed brother "graham" into the mix.



Hi Juile!

The first hour was a ton of pouncing around at least a foot away from each other and then he finally broke the ice! The two of them are hilarious to watch together! Winnie has been showing him the ropes of the house...even our cat Poppy has been trying to cuddle up with him! And of course he got a name...Graham! He is a life size teddy graham!



 Whitney and Winnie and Graham

Meet Teddy & Lulu:  Black and White Panda  Habibi Bear


Hello Mama Julie,


Teddy and Lulu here!  We are now 9 months old, just had our first Christmas and New Year celebration with our family and are enjoying a relaxing weekend by the fire.  We are doing great!  We have mastered some obedience training (sit, stay, down and walk very nicely on a leash).  We are very well behaved and have completely won the hearts of our family, especially Grandma Jane.  We melt her heart with the simplest of actions.  She particularly loves cuddles and puppy kisses.


Hopefully you enjoyed a nice holiday with your family and friends.


Love and lots of puppy kisses... Teddy and Lulu

Meet Belle:  Standard Black and White Tuxedo Habibi Bear



Hi Julie,

Just wanted to update you with a fairly current picture of Belle. She
is doing well and is a lot of fun. She had her second round of shots a
couple of weeks ago and the vet described her as a very happy dog with
quite a bit of sass!



Meet Teddy : Red Sable Boy

Happy New Year Mama Julie --

Well, it's been 9 months since our sweet "Teddy" Habibi Bear was welcomed into our lives.  I thought you would enjoy an update on the little Mr. T.  (I will send new pictures soon, I need to download to my computer)


What can I say?  He is dreamy, fluffy and absolutely PERFECTION!  We couldn't have asked for a better match, and we are so happy with your whole selection process.  You really knew exactly what we needed and guided us to the right puppy.  (If you recall, I wanted a therapy dog).  I am pleased to announce that Mr. T has recently passed his therapy dog training and is official ( I have my card and everything!).  In addition, his trainer was quite impressed with his natural ability and has asked to pass on your info to other clients.  She, as well as our Vet were equally impressed with your breed and detailed instructions and medical reports.  Both commented that you are a fantastic breeder and they completely believe in your new breed after meeting Teddy.  

He is sweet and cuddly and has amazing energy.  What impresses us the most is how he inately recognizes the energy of the people around him and meets them at their level.  At 6 months old he reached his full size, was completely house trained/litter trained and was able to know over 15 commands and hand signals.  Of course it took time to get to that point, but he learned so quicly.  As a puppy he was active, had his fair share of potty accidents, and was the typical mouthy puppy  (yes, I admit his favorite chew toy at 4 months was my Italian shoe.  My bad for leaving him unattended, I take full responsibility on that one!)  Oh yes, he gave us a run for the money at first, but isn't that how all puppies start life?  We laughed and loved him through it all.  My husband and I do not have children, so this boy has become our son.   Every day he brings us immense joy, he comforted me through the loss of my dear aunt, and quickly learned the ropes, faster than any dog I have owned.   Your 2 week training program was most helpful for me in teaching him to go outside potty as well as using the litter box in our small apartment.   He has been so easy to manage, even in our small accomodations.   I set up the litter box on the balcony as you suggested and he can access it via doggy door.  What a great concept!   We have a routine and I swear this dog understands English and I am  positive he knows how to tell time.  Every day at 10 am he rings the bell to 'go for a walk' and again at 7 pm after dinner.  I work from home part time, and on days I am gone, he had free run of the apartment and uses the litter box on his own.  I know I am gushing, but Julie, what you  have created is something of a dream for me.  I wanted a big dog in a small package, and this is what I got.  Teddy is a local celebrity, everyone knows him.  Our door man gives him treats, the corner coffee shop has a special table for us when we visit, and of course we barely get any exercise when we go out for walks with all the people stopping to ask me what breed he is.  My husband asked me to request business cards to pass out as he is routinely asked for the breeder's name.  I also must mention, the Habibi Bear name is so perfect for these dogs! As one of your family quotes on the site, Teddy is definitely my beloved boy, and he certainly does look like a teddy bear. 


Thank you does not seem adequate in expressing our gratitude for our furry family member.  You are correct, whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies.  Make it a Habibi.


Puppy kisses and hugs from the Big Apple,

Claire, Tom and Teddy

Meet Rory and Reggie: 

White with Sable Markings, and White with Apricot Markings

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Reggie and Rory. They are doing great - potty training is coming along really well - they are so smart. Both of them are going to the door now.

We just finished puppy classes and they can sit and stay as well as walk on a leash pretty well. I'm hoping that I can get them to eventually walk on a tandem leash, which will make it easier for me. It's so fun to watch them play together - every day they do the Habibi 500 - racing around the house and chasing each other. They are surprising athletic and agile dogs.


They both are so sweet. Rory continues to be the snuggle bunny, but Reggie likes to cuddle too once he gets a little tired. We are so glad that we got them both - they really love each other and are company while we are at work. I'm attaching a couple of new photos. Reggie is on the left in the first picture and Rory is on the right. The second picture is of my kids holding them - my daughter has Rory and my son has Reggie.


Thanks again for such wonderful dogs. Everywhere I go people ask me what kind of dogs they are and I tell them about you and your breeding program. My daughter can hardly wait until she can get her own Habibi bear!

Patty L.


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