Our Habibi Bears are raised on PawTree, and there is a formula for everyone.  If you have a special need or a picky eater, this food covers all the bases with so many options.  You don't eat the same food every day, and we believe our dogs shouldn't have to either!


This is the food we will raise your puppy on, and to get your pup off to a great start, you want to order the exact formula.  

In order for us to track the 5 year guarantee, you must be signed up on auto-ship for that five years.  

So this is the ONLY item that is mandatory to purchase, BUT I promise, do not stop looking here. Continue to look below!



(There are different options of ingredients, such as proteins, as well as grain or grain free. We are raising the puppies on the food below,)

Real Chicken or Real Turkey and Sweet Potato Recipe


  • Real meat, poultry or fish is the first ingredient in our pet food

  • No poultry by-products

  • No corn, no wheat, no soy

  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • Developed by Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists

  • Made in the USA


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  • Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes & Herbs

  • Helps support a healthy digestive tract

  • Soothes gut when transitioning to a new home or food

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Most puppies experience stress throughout their lives as they experience changes: Leaving their mother, litter mates and the environment they are familiar with; Being left alone, such as crate training; or any new experiences. The Gi System is the first thing to get unbalanced and having a supplement on hand for these times of distress with ingredients of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and herbs... will keep their tummies happy!





  • Builds a beautiful coat and healthy skin

  • Supports healthy growth and development

  • Promotes a healthy heart

  • Boosts the immune system

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Most dog owners (or even the owners themselves) are on fish oils. Or know they should be, at least! It improves skin, coat, the heart and the immune system! And its in a pump bottle? Add it to the cart!





Our breed has drop ears, and it isn't uncommon for a puppy to get water in its ears when bathing.  The ear wash and ear dry are your new BFF's to prevent infections from settling in. 

  • Fast, natural relief to itchy and dirty ears

  • Controls odor

  • Non-stinging, alcohol free

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It's very common for little Puppies to get UTI’s. If this is the case, it can make potty training a little more difficult. Here is a supplement I recommend to get, to balance  the Urinary Tract.  Many times crate training can cause UTI's,  so its a given to order this bladder support plus and start it as soon as you get your puppy home! Puppies have small bladders and having a natural supplement to help support the strength of the bladder and help equalize all the bacteria... is a MUST HAVE, and will make potty training much easier.

  • Bladder Health Issues 

  • Urinary Tract Issues (Stones)

  • Helps support and maintain the normal function of the urinary tract 

  • D-Mannose and Cranberry help fight infections by preventing bacteria from adhering to the bladder lining allowing it to be flushed out of your pet’s system naturally

  • Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of the protective lining of the bladder

  • Marshmallow Root is an herb that is rich in mucilage that soothes irritation and reduces inflammation of the urinary tract

  • Unlike chalky tablets and pills, these chews are so tasty your pets will LOVE them!

  • Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists

  • Made in the U.S.A.

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EXTRAS: Seasonings and Treats





  • Add Variety to your pet’s Food

  • Add Nutrition

  • Entice Picky Eaters

  • Boost Immune System

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Just like us, we do not want the same boring food for each meal. We spice up our meals, so why not for your dog too?





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  • Natural, Holistic, and Grain-Free 

  • Made with Real meat, fruits, and vegetables

  • No corn, wheat, or soy

  • Great for Training Treats

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The full puppy pack! 

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Last but not least, lets talk about FREE SHIPPING!

Add 3 qualifying items (Seasonings, Treats, Toys, etc.), and everything, including dog food, will ship FREE. You will automatically be enrolled in the Paw Club where you receive points redeemable for free Products!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Habibi Puppies PawTree

What to Feed your Habibi Bear

PawTree Dog Food

Fill out the pet profile on the pawTree website before ordering, and the food will be personalized just for your pet!

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Click Here to go to the full site to see what else they have, such as beds and blankets, dog chew toys, dog plush toys, tuff plush dog toys, more health and wellness and potty/training. 

After several families commenting that their puppies are becoming picky eaters, we went back to the drawing board to find some new alternatives for our families.  We are excited to announce that as of 2020 we are now changing all of our puppies' diets to PAWTREE  dog food and treats. The dog food debates and questions are over for us. We found the best dog food around--Pawtree is our food of choice. 

Food is the foundation of good health. We know as pet parents it can be overwhelming to decide what food will provide our pets the proper nutrition to live healthy, vibrant lives. While dogs can survive on most commercial brands, PAWTREE has customized nutrition plans to help our dogs thrive in life, not just survive. 

Every dog is unique. Why should they all eat the same thing? The answer is: they shouldn't!  PawTree is a wonderful company. They have great food products, with a variety of proteins... holistic, grain or grain free diets, to their superfood seasonings to add a variety of flavors for each meal.   A well rounded holistic supplements that help support your pet's health, such as the urinary system, GI tract, joints, cognitive support, dry/itching skin, allergies, ear wash, flea/tick spray... AND it is all natural. They also have toys, urine and oxy cleaners and ear wash. (If you have cats, they have stuff for them too!) Look below for more information on their products, how to order, and what we recommend for bringing your new puppy home.


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