Parents are Health Tested  with Paw Print Genetics 

At Habibi Bears we are very selective when it comes to choosing the dogs that will become part of our breeding program.  Our Puppy Parents are first and foremost, beloved family members!   We are a team effort, and in doing so, we are able to have a great selection of parent dogs to choose from!  Our breeding dogs live in the loving care of our wonderful Forever Guardian Homes. We established this program  to have access to more bloodlines for the development of our breed AND for the health of our girls.  Each girl has a short breeding career and is never over-bred.  We whelp the litters at our homes and all puppies come to Julie for final temperament testing and placement.  Puppies are raised in our homes,  where they are exposed to all the coming and going of a busy household.


In addition, by utilizing the Forever Guardian Home program for our sires, it allows us to carefully plan each litter without the worry of kenneling our dogs or having any 'oops' breedings or fighting between male dogs -- and females too!  (You would be surprised how easily that can happen.)  Every litter is carefully designed and planned in advance to further our lines and improve our breed.  This simply cannot be done with one sire and a couple dams, and this is why we believe in maintaining a Guardian Home program instead of a kennel establishment.


These dogs have consistently produced excellent pups with wonderful bonding instincts, personality and the standard we are looking for.  Our breeding program is known for our unique little dogs that enchant all who meet them!  Habibi Bears are bred from exceptional lines that have been painstakingly maintained since 1989.


The breeding of our  line of Habibi Bears is much like creating a well-designed piece of art.  A proprietary blend of complimentary gene pools, that balance and enhance each other perfectly. We have a very special breeding formula that never doubles up on any gene, to maintain genetic diversity AND hybrid vigor.

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Many of these dogs are living in Guardian Homes.