Past Litters  

Welcome to our gallery of puppies •  30+ years in the making!

We have enjoyed raising the sweetest, most intuitive dogs, that we call our "Crystal Babies" because they raise vibes everywhere they go! We've produced some pretty amazing little puppies, and it's an honor to watch our Habibi Family grow, as these little dogs bring us together in the most magical and healing ways.

Past  Litter Nursery Pages

 From family pet, to service, to therapy dog; our Habibi Bears are a gift to us all  

Here you will find galleries of our most recent years litters of Habibi Bear Puppies.  

*All litters prior to 2019 will be on pages with galleries by years.  Earlier years are listed Pages 1-4, in no chronological order,  as we do not have all the photos and details after updating our website.

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