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 Upcoming Litters 

our current breeding plan for the upcoming year

Did you know that our breed was developed to provide lifesaving support for individuals and families that are challenged by disabilities?  Habibi Bears have a magical intuitive quality that has been painstakingly cultivated for over a quarter of a century.  These dogs excel as Emotional Support for anxiety, PTSD, Autism, Courthouse Facility, Classrooms & Doctor's offices,  and as trained Service dogs.  At Habibi Bears, we are committed to supporting our families in their journey, and look forward to being part of your unique story. Whether you are seeking a well trained family companion or a lifesaving service dog, we have a program just for you!

Exclusive for our Paid Waiting List

Watch for the Selection Alert email for a sneak peek of the new litters and early opportunity to select before they enter training - an exclusive perk only for our Paid Waiting List!  Once puppies are debuted and selections start, we allow 24 hrs for everyone to submit requests. After this window, all unmatched puppies are listed on the Available Puppies Page, where we determine their training plan and length of time at Habibi Pup Academy. Puppies will be individually priced based on training.

Litters Born 

Once puppies have arrived, info will be updated when we are past the critical phase

Litters Bred

Upcoming Litters & Due Dates

  • Medium Litter Due  November
  • Medium Litter Due December
  • Large Litter Due in January

Planned litters

Dates listed of planned litters always refer to the Date of Birth (DOB) not when puppies go home

  • Taking Reservations for Large Litter 

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Available Puppies

Skip the stresses of early puppyhood by bringing home a trained puppy! 

Do you want to bring home a crate/house trained puppy with basic to advanced obedience or service training? We can personalize the training for your needs - Visit the current students

hogwarts LItter 

Teacup Litter DOB 9/21/22
Quinn x Hercules "Hershey"
Selection Week of 11/25/22 - Gotcha Day 12/24/22
Selection Underway!

mario bros

Teacup Litter DOB 10/2/22
Mallory x Hercules "Hershey"
Selection Week of 11/25/22 - Gotcha Day 12/24/22
Selection Underway!

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Coffee Break Litter

Teacup Litter DOB 10/14/22 
Gizmo x Hercules
Selection 12/5/22 Gotcha Day 12/24/

festival of lights litter!

Mini Litter DOB 10/30/22 
Garnet x Toulouse 
Selection TBA

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Meet the Parents

Naturally reared and health tested, our parents produce consistent quality Habibi Bear puppies!


Photo & Video Gallery

The galleries below feature various photos of our  Habibi Bears. With over 30 years of producing our Habibi Bears, we have quite the extensive scrapbook of pictures to share! 

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