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Transitional Training
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It's important to lay a solid foundation for your puppy during the first few months of his/her life to ensure he will grow into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adult dog. Our "Started Puppy" program will get your puppy off to a great start and ready to join your family with a custom-tailored program for you to follow at home!


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The Power of 3 Rituals


Lead With Love


Teaching Calm

Nurturing hearts, creating pawsome connections.

Because without establishing a bond with your new puppy, training isn't as effective. Introducing our "pupular' in-house enrichment program, created especially for YOU.  Our philosophy and program give our families the best of both worlds; a skillfully handled transition to crate training & scheduling and a complete relationship-building system to follow at home, without missing out on those early bonding moments with your new puppy.      
We offer this additional service - here in our Habibi Enrichment Center - where your puppy never leaves our loving care, ensuring you & puppy's beginning transition is flawless.  The Holistic Habibi Method is about developing a language with your puppy and creating a lasting bond WPCID:2277556through relationship building activities.  No more stressful training schedules that fritz out you and your puppy, no more feeling guilty about not doing things right!  Just an intuitive practice that is a bond-building, immersive, organic lifestyle. We value the importance of establishing the early bond with your puppy, and we created this exclusive program to meet your family's needs.  
Puppy Charm School -Follow up Support Call  & Text Line comes 
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Puppy Charm School

a started puppy program

The Puppy Charm School program is carefully crafted to ensure a smooth transition for your puppy from their litter to your home. It's vital to understand that this program specializes in the initial phases of training and is not intended to produce fully trained puppies. Unlike Stay & Train programs typically for older dogs, Pup Start Charm School focuses on guiding young pups as they transition from their litter to independent living.

Our holistic approach includes extended contact with our adult mommy dogs, such as Mama B, during Charm School group classes. We recognize the value of the guidance our puppies receive from their mother, aiding them in learning boundaries and proper behavior. This transitional training occurs within our nurturing home environment at the Habibi Enrichment Center, providing an alternative to conventional kennel stay and train programs.

Under the guidance of the Habibi Method program, your puppy will become a 'started puppy,' signifying the need for continued training at home to maintain their progress. 

This program encompasses:

  • Crate Training: Ensuring your dog can remain calm, comfortable, and quiet in a crate, through our compassionate confinement training with the The Potty Training Puppy Apartment
  • Potty Training:  When it comes to potty training, our approach is rooted in compassion and effectiveness. We guide puppies towards using an indoor potty area, teaching them that there's a designated place for their needs. Unlike outdated methods that involve water deprivation and excessive crate confinement, our methodology prioritizes humane practices. We believe that by offering access to a designated potty area, we can raise puppies without forcing them to 'hold it' and experience discomfort, developing UTI's & trauma responses from inhumane training methods.  Taking this more humane route might seem longer, but it yields lasting results faster than adhering to stressful schedules and enduring numerous accidents. Following the natural developmental milestones of puppies and providing a nurturing environment not only strengthens your bond but also allows a puppy's mind-body connection to fully develop at their pace. Our program acclimates puppies to an elimination routine, giving them full access to an indoor potty area when needed, while also sticking to an outdoor schedule. Puppies learn at their own pace, without any unnecessary stress. It's a beautifully compassionate process.
  • Socialization: Exposing your pup to a variety of people, including those of different races, genders, abilities, and attire, aiding in their comfort in diverse environments. Your pup will also learn to be at ease around other dogs.
  •  Basic Cues (we don't use the word "command" as we are guiding our puppies, not controlling them): This includes essential cues like sit, touch/come, place, down, and more.

Your puppy will come home with access to our new program!

This Course was developed for our clients and is complete with videos and handouts and scheduling, so all you need to do is follow along, and feel relief knowing you are giving your puppy exactly what it needs!  No more worry of mishandling things- all the tools are in YOUR hands and YOU have the power to create the most beautiful life with your new Habibi Bear!

The Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy

What's Included:

  • This intuitive method begins at the foundation with Management& bonding FIRST before teaching life skills (aka commands) unlike most training that has an emphasis on commands and obedience that only stresses out new puppy parents.
  • Puppy-led protocols - guided by pup's progress so you always have success!
  • Clicker Introductions with fun games!
  • Enrichment activities to keep puppy super engaged in their pen
  • Routines to allow pup ample time for rest and play 
  • Learn how to make the crate and pen their most desired locations!
  • Prevent separation anxiety from even taking root in your puppy with these tried and true protocols! 
  • flow charts to guide you through:
    • crate training sequential work
    • puppy biting protocols for each biting phase
    • house training guidance 
    • introducing puppy to its new home & a bonding practice  
  • A focus on transitions and how to ease transition-stress with compassion!

This program covers the four main areas of most asked questions of new puppy homes , which include:
  • Puppy Biting Phases & protocols to identify & manage them 
    • We share extensive research about why puppies bite, what YOU are doing to make it worse, instead of better-and break it down into flow charts for you to manage each phase.  No more lame vague advice, this is the ultimate puppy biting management protocol!
  • House Training success protocols
    • We created a super fun new routine for new puppies in homes, your kids will love it!  And it will train YOU on how to be consistent and establish routines
  • Compassionate Crate & Confinement Training 
    • This is a gentle sequential acclimation process that takes the stress out of transitions with our puppies and guides us so we feel confident, too.  This is not the typical trainer's advice of let them cry it out.  We help you guide puppy in a compassionate way that respects their feelings!  Their feelings matter! 
  • Establishing your relationship FIRST through the Power of Three Rituals
  • Manners Training Module 
    • Videos demonstrating how to train your puppy so you can easily follow along at home.

This program is $395 and is included for FREE with every puppy who stays for Puppy Charm School

value $995 $695 
 FREE with Puppy Charm School Packages!
Disclaimer: Puppies enrolled in a starter puppy program are in their early stages of life. Please note that they are not yet fully potty trained or classified as fully trained dogs. This program serves as a helpful head start, allowing you to assume the lead when your puppy becomes part of your home. However, it's important to understand that the ultimate success of your pup at home rests on your responsibility to maintain its schedule and routines with unwavering consistency. 

Raised with.....

Puppy Charm School : Intro to Crate, Potty Training, Scheduling & Intro to Clicker Training  *each week we build on the previous with consistency, per your pup's ability
$685 NOW $650 a week!
Included with Every Puppy Charm School Puppy! FREE Access to HM1: The Human Guide to the Dog Galaxy! ($695 value)
$395 Value FREE!
2-week Started Puppy Program$1300
4-week  Started Puppy Program (reinforcing their skills)
Daily Boarding  (without training)                          $65 

Setting Realistic Expectations for Puppy Training

Because these are young puppies, these skills are taught without distractions present.
Adopting a Habibi Bear puppy brings so much joy, but it's key to remember that you're bringing home a puppy—a baby dog. We pride ourselves on laying the best foundation with our training, yet it's essential to understand that a puppy's learning journey is just beginning. Unlike an adult dog, a puppy's training isn't complete. They are works-in-progress, learning to navigate their new world. Trained puppies are not the same as a trained adult dog. 
At their tender age, puppies are learning house training, but they're not developmentally old enough to be fully house trained, and should not be expected to be so, this requires maturity. It's normal for them to still have accidents, or express themselves through cries, barks, or whines. It's also natural for them to display spirited behavior, which could sometimes be a bit much if they're left unsupervised.  Puppies have several developmental phases they will enter before adulthood, and each one has different challenges.  It's all part of them growing up into a fully mature adult.
Just like children, we must not put pressure on baby dogs to do more than they are physically capable of.
As your Habibi Bear grows, it will be up to you to continue their training, introducing them to new situations and distractions gradually. It's crucial, though, to ensure that any new tasks or commands are within their ability to understand and follow. Always be mindful not to overwhelm your pup or expect them to perform beyond their capability. After all, the journey of growing up should be as positive and stress-free as possible—for both of you!

Our Puppy charm school program was designed for:

  • Our Habibi families who want to have a lifelong bond with their dog and not miss out on the early weeks of puppyhood.  
  • New dog owners who are concerned about the first few days of crate training and scheduling and would like to have a head start in the process.
  • Families with work schedules that need assistance in establishing a routine that they can stick with
  • Busy mothers with small children who are teething and potty training too!
  • Families with special needs, who require a support dog - Psychiatric Assist/Autism/Emotional Support
  • Doctors/Therapists/Dentists who would like to have a support dog in their office and need guidance on how to train their dog properly.

 Compassionate guidance using the Habibi Method's 
3 powerful rituals called, "The Power of three"

At Habibi Bears, we understand that the dream of bringing home a puppy can feel like an unattainable task for many families.  As exciting as it is to bring home a new puppy, it is a life-changing event. We hear you! There is a big difference between bringing home a puppy that is crate-trained compared to one who wasn't.  It's our intention to empower each family to become a confident pack leader with the skills to guide their own puppy-with a little head start from us :) Reach out today to add Pup Start when you are matched to your puppy. 

 We have created a beautiful routine and schedule that honors our puppies, Montessori style. Your puppy is never pushed too fast or held back, and they come home ready to imprint on YOU!  This lifestyle is natural and will create a powerful bond between your family and your puppy.  Based on learning to speaking the language of dogs, it's training without training!  Your puppy will go home with their new daily schedule that has been structured around their needs being met, (for you to post on the refrigerator for the family!) and a complete guide for you to follow up with at home. This is an invaluable head start for those who feel overwhelmed with the first weeks of crate training and scheduling. Following our relationship-focused program, you will find your stride and create a deep connection with your dog....one that will have life-changing effects on the family.  We are so excited to share this with you!

Why Rituals Matter

During the first 16 weeks of your puppy's life, your puppy will go through two of the most important Socialization Periods and Fear Imprint Periods of their lives!  This small window of time closes down after this, so our ability to imprint on our puppies is increased during these first weeks!  Our three rituals will create powerful connections between you and your puppy, so you can sail through these phases without setbacks!

common concerns of new puppy owners

The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life are crucial for shaping behaviors and fostering a strong bond with your new furry friend. While your family desires the companionship of a support dog or family pet, the prospect of managing the transition as the puppy leaves our home and integrates into your routine may seem daunting.
It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed as you delve into the details of what this transition entails. Late-night cries, crate training, house training, chewing, nipping, and even jumping on your children – these are all typical puppy behaviors, and it's completely understandable to have concerns, especially if you have a child with sensory issues.
In your mind's eye, you can envision the ultimate goal: your child enjoying the companionship of their support dog. Yet, the journey from point A to point B can seem challenging. How can you ensure a smoother transition for your child, your puppy, and your overall well-being?
Let us guide you through this exciting journey with positivity and expertise.

why we developed the

Habibi Bear puppy and child
  • We love our Habibi Tribe, and wanted to create a community where we cheer each other on through all the ups and downs of puppy raising!  
  • Our families love the connection of live video to establish community, being able to see each other's smiling faces while discussing all things Habibi Bear!
  • We are more than a breeder, we are raising purpose-bred dogs for purpose led lives - and this journey we are embarking on together lasts a lifetime. We love to provide additional support to our families, beyond Gotcha Day!  
  • Many dogs that are trained traditionally still have behavior issues that their owners struggle with for its lifetime, and need continued support. This is where online puppy training comes in.
  • Training isn't a one and done, and oftentimes most training methods fail to address the importance of establishing a bond of trust and respect between owner and puppy. 
  • Pushing puppies too fast, too soon can cause burnout and stress for a young puppy. Without relationship building practices...... these methods fail.
  •  An online puppy trainer program that is relationship-based and focuses on establishing the bond between owner and puppy before the obedience training, can provide the most transformational results.   
  • We found giving the puppies a head start on scheduling and crate training in Pup Start, has been the perfect fit for families who value being part of training their puppy and building a bond.
  • Puppies can easily regress if a family does not follow up with the schedule and rituals we have established - so we created a program to follow up at home to empower YOU to lead with love. 
  • If Habibi Bear puppies are placed with a trainer that doesn't use reward based training and a focus on these important rituals, there could be negative lifelong results.
  • Mishandled fear phases can create life long behavior issues.  
  • Dogs that are denied socialization during this critical Socialization Period often become unpredictable because they are fearful or aggressive.
  • Any traumatic, painful or frightening experiences can have a lasting impact. 

The Socialization Phase

Proper socialization is key in raising a well adjusted puppy.  The more we raise our puppies the more we see the importance of them being able to learn their social skills from their own kind- dogs!  Taking pups away from their litter mates too soon means the humans have more work to do on their end-so we created Pup Start!  This is the small window of time where we can imprint on these puppies and create lasting positive experiences, or if mishandled, create lasting fear imprints that stick for its lifetime.

  • Young puppies have short attention spans and our program respects where they are at and helps you do the same.
  • Everything learned is permanent and will be resistant to change.
  • Puppies are eager to learn, their brains are little sponges at this phase.
  • What they learn now, will be seen as an adult. 
  • Puppy’s temperament and personality become more apparent.
  • Puppy needs to work on bite inhibition and boundaries, rules and limitations from other dogs and litter mates, WHILE also being properly socialized to humans too.  We can do that here! 

Puppy charm school

A head start for your puppy - the Montessori way

We offer a solution that is the perfect fit for our families. We believe in your ability to be the natural pack leader for your puppy, so let's learn to lead with love, the Habibi Method way!  We will get your puppy started on the initial stressful transitional stuff, so you can bring home a puppy with a head start to crate training and scheduling while not missing out on that early Critical Socialization Period. It's a win-win! 

 With our follow-up support, we provide assistance to decide your best training track. No matter your family's needs - family companion, psychiatric assistance for your child, therapy or service - we will discuss your goals and find a perfect solution that is right for you!

what is included:

  • The Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy course
  • Puppy Leash and Collar
  • Scent Cloth that smells like home to ease transition
  • Follow up  Support Calls
  • Unlimited Text Support with our Text Support line 
  • THE SCHEDULE: This is the keys to the kingdom of puppy-zen!  A proven program that has worked with thousands of dogs of all ages.
  • Relationship-building rituals that will help you learn to speak dog!

*Habibi Bear Families are welcome to subscribe to our Pup Start Zoom Calls at $25 per Class if they didn't purchase Pup Start

How it Works

learn to lead with love through all phases with our habibi method approach

Commit to your training plan and you will see just how powerful you truly are!
We created this beautiful online puppy trainer program that gives our families the best of both worlds. Now you can receive your puppy with a head start to training with Pup Start, while not worrying about missing out on the early puppy days.  We've improved our program to ensure you get just that-an opportunity to bond during the 16 week socialization window without the worry of missing out!   We want to empower our families by giving them the tools to take the reins when puppy comes home, by providing a complete training guide with trackers and weekly plans, that picks up right where we left off!  Have questions along the way?  We have you covered with our Zoom calls and text support line!  At Habibi Bears we love to cheer you on and help you lead the way with your puppy! 

Puppies will be puppies....

It's important to remember that puppies, despite the excellent start we give them, are still very much babies. Consistency and reinforcement at home are key to maintaining the training they receive with us.

unit One

Laying the Foundation: 
Puppy Charm School Training : Level 1
This 2-week unit is our in-house puppy prep program, which  lays the foundation for all training to build on. Without a solid foundation, training isn’t as successful.  Many lifelong behavior problems in older dogs originated during this very formative phase of a puppy's life. Rest assure, your puppy is being handled professionally through the challenging phases and stages with loving guidance!  

This program was designed for new puppy owners who want to ensure their puppy doesn’t miss any of the important aspects of proper handling of puppy developmental phases.  Your puppy will be going through two fear phases during this time as well as other developmental phases, and they will be professionally managed to set puppy up for success. Your puppy will have a solid working foundation on crate/pen and potty training, leash work, alone time, and household manners.  

Consistency and repetition at this level of  puppy training is key to success. During these early weeks we establish the bond needed so puppy trusts and wants to 'work' for you!  Introducing obedience training without the foundation of trust can burn out the puppy.  We help puppy choose calm through our three powerful rituals!

Week One: 
Transitions - House, Pen & Crate training, transitioning to home life- this is the most crucial week for a puppy, and we never push them further than they are ready.  Our Schedule for Success is a proven method that has been used for thousands of dogs successfully!

Week Two:
Continuing with the schedule, with the addition of socialization field trips in carriers and strollers for safety, leash work,  house manners & Clicker Training Cues!

Week 3 & 4:
Over the course of these weeks, our trained puppy program emphasizes reinforcing new habits to help your puppies establish a consistent and dependable routine. Witness their skills steadily develop, evolving into more reliable behaviors. By the second week, you'll start noticing the initial results from these routines, but it's crucial to continue the program to prevent any potential setbacks. By the fourth week, these behaviors have solidified into reliable habits. Choosing to stay with us means your puppies receive professional guidance, ensuring a smoother transition at home as families adhere to our carefully crafted schedule and program.  

Disclaimer: Puppies enrolled in a starter puppy program are in their early stages of life. Please note that they are not yet fully potty trained or classified as fully trained dogs. This program serves as a helpful head start, allowing you to assume the lead when your puppy becomes part of your home. However, it's important to understand that the ultimate success of your pup at home rests on your responsibility to maintain its schedule and routines with unwavering consistency.

unit Two

The Three Pillars: Week 1-4

Your Habibi Bear will arrive with our exclusive Puppy Charm School Workbook, filled with weekly lessons designed to strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

Accompanying the workbook is the Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Course, a comprehensive guide that will help you understand and navigate the wonderful world of dog parenting. These resources are crafted to ensure that you have all the support and knowledge at your fingertips, making the training experience enjoyable and effective for both you and your Habibi Bear.

Your puppy has completed 2-4 weeks of Charm School and is eagerly waiting to be a part of your family! It's your turn to lead the way with our detailed handbook and supportive follow-up calls. The initial eight weeks with you are critical for establishing a solid base for all the training to come. You'll notice each week is a building block, with the puppies showing dependable reactions to their lessons. This next 4-week phase is an extension of the initial training, where we emphasize duration and attention in tasks, resulting in longer periods of sitting, lying down, and staying, etc.. As your puppy gains assurance, you'll also observe steady progress in house-training, as well as crate and pen training, along with the development of good manners. It's a time of growth and learning that will set the stage for a lifetime of companionship.
Month 1 of the Habibi Method Raising & Training Program

unit Three

Reinforcing the Pillars: Weeks 5-8
To be done at home with the Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Course! 

Now that the foundation has been laid and puppy has mastered our first 8 week Level 1 training, families can begin expanding puppy's training by taking it out on the road, increasing the 3 D's : Distance, Duration and Distractions. Medical Alert, Therapy or Service training can be introduced during this block, as you expand into social settings and other environments. As puppy enters new Development Phases, families will find reinforcing the basics will help get through the challenges! 

Month 2 - Completion of the 8 Week Habibi Method Raising & Training Program
Focusing on Goals, Reinforcing & Repetition 

Unit Four

The Complete Companion: Weeks 13-16
Add professional training and fine tuning as needed
In the final unit, your puppy has been carefully and gently guided  through all  initial, and challenging stages and phases of puppyhood and is ready to join specialized training program for therapy or service work.

Habibi Bears will provide referral assistance in locating a trainer in your area for service and therapy needs.  

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