What to expect when you are expecting! Our puppies are fully examined by a licensed vet from head-to-toe, reared with our successful Habibi Socialization program & personality tested
To our prospective families, we urge you to read through our waiting list procedures to understand all the factors involved in our adoption and selection process.

To join the Waiting List, a non-refundable deposit is required

Once you are on the waiting list, we will keep you informed of new breedings and upcoming litters on the site or via email.  you will be able to select from puppies listed once they have been personality tested, have received their first set of vaccinations and have passed their well-puppy exam.  The adoption balance is due upon selection or on delivery.   The more particular your wants and needs,  the wait can be longer.  We encourage our dear families to try not to be overly focused on appearance only, as we have seen many families pass on puppies that would have been absolutely perfect for their homes, simply because they wanted a different color.  Remember, the combos of colors and patterns of each litter are in the hands of Mother Nature, and we are not a puppy factory that can whip up a custom order at the drop of a hat.  While we wish we could find a way to make that happen, we must remain realistic in our expectations ;)  Some colors are extremely rare or random---if you want to wait, that is totally fine, but please don't become impatient with us in the process! We try to be as transparent as possible about expected colors, but due to the large variety of patterns and colors in the genetic background of our Habibi Bears, each litter is unique and different.  Typical time between litters is 4-6 months, and we plan litters for each season---but it is definitely worth the wait!​

The Day of Selection 

​The big day has arrived!  How exciting, finally the litter has been fully examined, tested and all puppies that have passed our tests are available for selection!  


At Habibi Bears, we are known for being a little OCD about the health and socialization of our puppies. Some may think we are a little too obsessive with the lengths we go to in our selection process, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  It's our responsibility to ensure each and every puppy has been thoroughly examined from head-to-toe before our clients choose their new family member.   We have left no stone unturned when it comes to the health of our dogs, by health and temperament testing our parents.  That being said, even with the best testing available, there  are many events that can happen during the first few formative weeks of a fragile puppy's life,  and for this reason we prefer to allow our little ones to fully develop--both mentally and phsyically--before the puppies are released for selection to the waiting list.  Not every puppy will mature the same way, and allowing families to become attached to the picture of a newborn puppy before it has fully developed is not in the best interest of our puppies or families. We perform personality testing to help find the perfect match for every home. This is between 7-8 weeks of age.  


"When it is your turn for selection, we will email you ---so be sure to watch your emails so you don't miss any exciting news!"


Preparing for Puppy's Arrival

Once we have confirmed your deposit, we will send you a series of three emails to help you prepare for the arrival of your little one, including a shopping list and links to order the food we recommend!


Free Hand Delivery Service!

Delivery is available on a pre-determined date for each litter.  If we have a couple litters at different ages, we may have more dates in a month, so if one doesn't work, you can always select a latter date. 

Videos​ & Habibi University

As part of our adoption program, we are developing continuing education and live webinars.  This is a way for us to be in contact with our families and ensure they are on-board with our philosophy and ready to continue the training process with their puppies.  The Habibi is a very special breed with limitless capabilities! The only thing holding them back is improper training and communication (or no training), so we want to make sure everyone understands how invaluable the time they invest in training of their new family member will be.    It's always nice to get to know our future families, and for you to have the opportunity to view the pups in real-time, before delivery.  

We also like to share videos so you can see the puppies in action, for fun----and they are not meant to be analyzed for temperament.  All puppies have different levels of activity throughout the day, and many times one will be sleeping while the others are playing, or vice versa.  Often times, families comment that their puppy seems's not playing with the others...when in fact, that sleepy pup had been playing moments before the video and is all tuckered out :)  Same for the playful one, doesn't mean it is necessarily more active than the others, perhaps it had been asleep and just woke up.  It is impossible to shoot a three minute video and have all puppies at the same level of wakefulness.   This is why we perform our personality testing and help families choose the best puppy for them.  So enjoy the videos and take them for what they are, a little glimpse into their day, and be sure to  chat with us about the personality of any puppy that you are interested in!​


All litters are planned in advance and puppies are typically only available through the waiting list.  Occasionally we have a family decide to wait, or a larger litter, and at that time we will list puppies available for adoption on the nursery page.  This is a rare occurrence, as we prefer to work through a waiting list to avoid issues with impulse decisions from people who have not thought out the decision to adopt thoroughly.   Creating a waiting list is a lot more work on our end, but we enjoy building relationships with our future families while they await the arrival of their puppy.  We have found over the years, that those who are planning ahead and willing to wait for a waiting list are very dedicated and make the best forever homes for our puppies.

Puppy Selection Process:​

  • Once we have received your approved Application and Deposit, you will know what estimated time-frame we have you down for for selection.  Keep in mind occasionally there could be circumstances that could make these dates later or sooner.  We are dealing with nature.  Then, we will email you a series of emails to help you prepare for your little one, including links to purchase the food, a puppy handout, and dates for delivery (if applicable at the time). 

  • Occasionally if a family decides to wait we will have an opening sooner for families to adopt a puppy.  In this event, I email our families and the puppy will go to whoever gets back to us first.  This is a BONUS, and doesn't reflect on your selection date assignment.  If you are not interested in adopting one of these puppies, don't worry, it does not effect your status on the waiting list!  

  • Upcoming litters and breedings will be listed on the site for families to watch and plan ahead.  

  • Once puppies are born, the following will be listed listed on the  Nursery Page :

  • How many puppies

  • Gender

  • Scheduled Delivery Dates-- families interested in this litter will be able to check schedules and make sure these dates will work in their schedule before confirming selection.   If this timing is off, this is fine, just let us know you need to pass.  All families that don't reply will be moved to the end of the waiting list and lose their spot, so be sure to keep in touch.  We do not hold puppies past the delivery date, unless discussed in advance, there is a $25 a day boarding fee.

  •  Digitally Sign Health Guarantee and Spay/Neuter Contract   This is an important step!  Once you have made your decision and we have confirmed your puppy choice, we need to have a signed copy of the contract before we release the puppy.

  • Puppies will be delivered  once they have received their shots and vet exam.  If mama is nursing longer, or we feel a litter needs to stay  home longer for whatever reason, we will plan deliveries accordingly.  Occasionally there are flight delays due to airline issues, so if you are having your pup shipped or flying in to pick up your puppy---please bear with this process, it is out of our control!​​ 

  • We have  pre-determined delivery days for every litter to accommodate our families in Wa. and Oregon.  We must have two families per area to make our deliveries. Final adoption payment and shipping is due, so we can begin finalizing the shipping and make veterinary appointments, purchase supplies for the puppy's shipping day.​



Selection Day Procedures
 First we want to let everyone know that this process takes time, but when we allow the puppies to 'speak to us' and blossom on their own, it always works out perfectly.  I am a firm believer that when we respect the puppies needs and take into consideration the needs of each family, things will always work out as they were meant to be.   Everyone will have different wants and needs and that means no matter what your position is on the list, everyone will get the puppy that is meant for them.  It always happens!  So no stressing, just enjoy your time preparing for your new furbaby, and when selection day arrives, we will work together to choose the correct puppy for your family.  

I want to encourage waiting list families to be responsible and committed to being present during selection.  The only way I can assure the process runs smooth is to adhere to our policies and rules. We have many families and each have special circumstances.  We do not hold up the waiting list for anyone, for any reason.  If they choose to ignore our correspondence, we will move on to the next family, and they will be skipped over out of fairness to those waiting, and respect to our time-line. 

  • Selection will be held for each litter at 6-7 weeks old.    On occasion, selection could be later if need be.  Sometimes we have schedule conflicts, puppies are not ready etc… so all of this is taken into consideration when we choose a date, or decide to push it back.     This piece is the single most important part of the process.  Once I have this determined, we schedule a photo session and vet appointment.  Then everything needs to be edited which can take a couple days.  Once all of this is finalized, we either post the puppies or email, depending on my schedule.  Sometimes it’s easier for me to email pictures and contact that way, and I will let you know!   Once families have replied, if we have an opening pop up, I always email the next in line with the available pups and info, and in this situation that puppy will go to whoever gets back to me first.   So if you are interested in adopting sooner, this situation does happen, so keep your eyes on your emails!

  •  It is the responsibility of each family to make sure they are available and to reply within the specified time, and I leave this in YOUR HANDS.  If you forget, don’t reply in time, or are busy and miss the deadline, that is your choice.  I will move to the next family and you can select from whoever is left, or wait for the next litters with openings.  I have many families who opted to join a year or two in advance, due to their own schedules.  So it is always best to plan ahead and consider this before passing— please ask us if you need to wait for any reason, we are always happy to work with you and your schedule.

  • I am no longer sending out second request emails to reply or putting the entire process on hold for days awaiting replies.  I ask for all of our  families to take responsibility and equal interest in this process.  While 99.9% of my families are very eager to adopt with timely correspondence, we do have a few people who have held up the process instead of replying with PASS.  We appreciate our families that keep in touch, thank you!    Its such a fun time, and if you are not able to adopt at that time, that is fine—JUST TELL US!  Communication is key.   Those who are repeat offenders and don’t reply risk being removed from the waiting list completely, and losing the opportunity to own a Habibi.    When I don’t hear back,  I will assume families are not interested,  and  we will move on to the next family. 

         No reply = Losing your position and being moved to the end of the waiting list

  • So at this time I kindly ask each family to make this selection process a priority and understand that replying in a timely manner is their responsibility, and theirs alone.   We require a reply with choices or a pass the same day as selection, to keep the process moving quickly.   I cannot wait for replies for a couple days as there are so many variables surrounding the selection process and delivery date, it really slows down the procedure and ends up causing us to have to reschedule delivery days, which is not in the best interest if our puppies or families who have carved out their schedules. 

Dates will be listed on the nursery and I will send out a reminder email when I feel we are able to gauge the personality and have the test results.  
Make sure to have your email set to receive from our main email acct:  or



If we agree to hold a puppy for you beyond the delivery date, a $25 per day boarding fee will be charged, and any delivery fees for the extra trip, if we are able to do so. 

Please note for puppies listed as available on the Nursery Page: If you are submitting a deposit for a specific puppy listed on the site and you are NOT on our waiting list---you MUST first be approved for the waiting list before requesting a puppy.  Time is of the essence, as our puppies go very quickly.  We do NOT consider a puppy YOURS until that deposit has been made to hold it.  We've had many folks wait too long to submit their application and deposit and discover a puppy is no longer available, so if you see one you want, please be sure you have completed the necessary screening process, and have an approval before you request a puppy :)​
"Our puppies are the most loving and socialized babies on the planet, and we cannot wait to share them with you and your family!"​


A Note About Our Waiting List & Waiting for a Puppy:
It is at this time that we kindly ask everyone to wait patiently and kindly for their new puppy.  Developing this breed is very rewarding and purposeful  to us, and we want to keep it this way!  Keep in mind all dates are estimations based on our females previous cycles. We do our best to give dates that are as accurate as possible, but occasionally these estimations can be off.   Nature is never 100% predictable, and cycles can skip, run late or early, or just not happen as expected.  Breedings can also result in false pregnancies, no pregnancy, smaller litters, or litters with colors YOU may not prefer.  We have absolutely no control over these factors, and ask at this time that all families wait patiently and kindly.   As much as we strive to keep everyone happy while on the waiting list, we realize that these setbacks can be disappointing.  We promise that in the end when you hold your little pup in your arms, all the waiting will make this time that much sweeter ;)  Our puppies are worth the wait!

We will never have the ability to be a breeder that always has puppies available for those wanting a puppy right away. We are too small, and our focus is on planning litters ahead and pre-screening families so we always have homes for each and every puppy.  If you are looking for a puppy right away, on occasion we have a family decide to wait or a litter that is larger than planned, and in that instance those spots go very quickly.  More than likely this is not the case, and if you are not wanting to join a waiting list, there are always puppies available elsewhere from larger scale kennel facilities or shelters in need of a home.  This is a fulfilling endeavor for us, and I like to believe that our work with these delightful animals is making a difference in the world.  We would like it to remain this way by working with families that understand these simple elements involved with breeding.  Our demand is very high, and we carefully choose families that are willing to be a forever home for their puppy.

DISCLAIMER: If at any time we are treated disrespectfully or feel a family's behavior is a red flag or indicator that our puppy will not be raised as we were led to believe, we reserve the right to revoke that person's approval for a puppy.   We must feel absolutely 100% confident about the home our puppies will be living in.


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