Meet Rory:  Black and White Phantom Standard Schnoodle

Hello Again,

Thank you so much for everything you and your daughter have done for our family. The puppy is doing very well it seems as though he traveled very well and was in good shape when I came to get him. He drank right away and nibbled some food. We stopped half way, he seemed to really have to go potty and he did for a long time. Then he wanted to play on my lap for the rest of the ride. My children and my husband and I loved him immediately! We all just have to settle on a name. We will try to send more pictures this weekend. Please give a special thank you and hug to your daughter! WE just love him already.

God’s blessings to you and your family,

Robin, Dennis, Hannah and Jordan


Hello Everyone,

Here is a recent picture of Rory!  (named after the golfer.)  Hannah and Jordan are holding him, he is such a good boy and so smart! He knows how to sit and is pretty good at fetching when he is not being distracted by something more fun. Last week I started giving him a cheerio when he did his business outside and by the afternoon he was not picky about his spot just wanted the cheerio. I tried putting a bell on the door but the first night he barked at it and kept gently nudging it and jumping around for about 20 minutes, so we might forget that idea. He is already 10 pounds and seems to be growing fast  We love him so much and he has really become an important member of our family. My mother lives next door and with one visit he always wants to go to Grandma’s house! We will keep in touch, hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

God’s blessings,





Merry Christmas ,

Rory is really doing well, here are a couple of pictures of him. He loves going to the beach in the summer, he loves to swim and dive in the water head first to get his Frisbee, and then dig a very deep hole and lay in it. He will spend hours at that it. His next favorite activity is visiting the neighborhood dog park, he seems to be everyone’s favorite and they all know him by name. He runs up to each person stands as close as he can get and looks up at them to personally let them know he is there and likes them. He plays so well with all the dogs, and loves to run and wrestle. Thank you so much for allowing him to come into our lives.

Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year,

The Barrow’s


Meet Zoey: Mini Sable with Black Mask​ Habibi Bear

Just checking in with you. Zoey is doing fine. She has been sleeping thru the night for over a week now. In addition to "sit", she also responds to,

"Zoey come" (before she was 10 weeks) I stand at the kitchen sink with my back to her and call"Zoey come" - presto!!! Our neighbor was so surprised
to see that at her age. (Smart little girl) She met her vet earlier this week and she will be going for her second set of shots. She is taking her vitamin (1/2) every morning. All I can say is we love her so much. We will keep you updated with notes and pictures.

Thank you,

Meet Indy: Mini Chocolate Confetti Habibi

Just wanted to give you an update and ask a question about Indy.  He is doing really well!  He certainly is a smart dog! (sometimes, too smart ).  He is growing, but I think he's finally slowing down a bit.  He's already bigger than Batman and Robin (JulieAnn's schnoodles).  We are still having our puppy trainer come about every 2-3 weeks.  We had Indy neutered in Jan. - the day before our snow and ice! However, having to keep him dry and having a cone on his head made it tough during that week.  But, all is well now!

And, so my question is this... wanting to know what your thoughts are on microchips?  We saw the sign at the vet's about them.  They say it's about 50/50 on those that do that or not.  Wanted to see what you think about doing that?

First picture - Indy after his last haircut :)
Second picture - Indy waiting for the ok to eat his treat :) 
Third picture - Indy sitting on the edge of his bed waiting for instructions :)  I tell you, he will do anything for a treat!
Fourth picture - Indy sleeping on the sofa (just before his haircut) Always wants to be where we are!

We are certainly loving him!  He really is a great puppy!


Meet Mickey: Chocolate Confetti Habibi

Mickey is such a joy and he's doing so incredibly well! As I type this he's asleep on my feet - he's always with me it seems! The boys were laughing this afternoon because I had them help my bathe Mickey in the kitchen sink.  He is so scrawny when he's wet, half the size when dry;) How are you and family doing?   

I have attached a few pics I took of Mickey today. As you can see he's a real poser....quite funny:)

Have a relaxing night and we'll talk soon,

Kim has referred her friends to us and now they are adopting a little Phantom puppy!


 Meet Poppy: Black & White Tuxedo Habibi Bear

Here are a few cute pics and updates on our sweet Poppy and her wonderful family!

Poppy has been with us for just 5 days now and has officially stolen our hearts! You weren't kidding; she's so affectionate!! We just couldn't be happier and can't thank you enough.


We'll stay in touch!



Hello Julie!
She's growing and just keeps getting better and better. We're madly in love!

Just got back from the groomers and had to show you this beautiful girl:) She's doing fantastic and we love her to pieces. Pics 4 & 5


She has a really rough life:) Pic 7


This is why she was meant for us:)---Pic 1


(I think this speaks for itself!)  lol!​ ---Pic 6

Buddy all grown up!

Meet Buddy:  Black Confetti Habibi

Sorry to keep bugging you,

but I am so excited with how well buddy is doing that I am  just besides myself! He was only up twice last night to pee, went into his crate with no crying and didn't cry really at all except when he had to pee!

Started following your schedule today and he is doing so good.  All pee and poops outside!!! YIPEE!  No accidents!
Goes into the crate with little to no whining!

Got some flea medicine from vet, will put it on tonight!! He is just doing so great!




I can't tell you how much we adore Buddy! I was just telling a friend the other day that I think I love him a little more everyday! He keeps us on our toes all the time and my children belly laugh on a daily basis with his antics! He is quite a character.....and a little thief too! He loves to steal things and then do the Habibi 500 (needless to say we are working on that)!  

Attached is his adult picture---he sure is a cutie! 

Hope this finds you doing well!

Well it’s been about 7 weeks and I just had to tell you how well Harlee is doing & how much joy he’s brought back into our home. What a dream dog – he is wonderful, loving, smart, cuddly, sweet & such a cute little guy – especially with that absolutely adorable little waddle when I walk him! And I just have to say, his tail is SO adorable – I’m thrilled you don’t dock them! Harlee gets so much attention wherever he goes – even my vet commented on his great disposition and how much his techs all love him! He is an amazingly cool puppy with a SUPER disposition and we are pretty much fully housebroken (the bell on the door really works)! One of our trainers (Puppy Manners class) even commented on how smart he was – & I took that as a big compliment coming from someone whose been training dogs for 20+ yrs! Harlee is everything you said he was and he’s growing up to be even more fun/darling – imagine that! J Wanted to share a few pics too (the middle 3 all being taken this past week) J





THANKS AGAIN Julie for all you do in raising such wonderful family members!!! We love him so much!!!


 just couldn’t resist sending you this latest shot of Harlee in Target with us
J He is a hoot!


And in 2014 they added new brother, Hobbs!!


Right back at ya!

Hobbs did well, slept most of the time (we were delayed by almost 2 hours).Harlee was a jerk the first 45 min or so – trying to be major alpha, barking, mounting him, etc. The past hour was really fun as Hobbs decided to fight back – he’s even trying to mount Harlee now and growls back at him if he doesn’t like something….even stole a few of Harlee’s toys and shook them just like he saw Harlee shaking them earlier in his face…great to see them “evening” out.

Harlee is definitely out of his element but I can see over time they will be buddies!

Thanks again and may

God Bless you for all you do for these wonderful companions!







Meet Harlee: Black Toy Habibi from Confetti Mama & Hobbs!  Black and apricot Phantom



I just had to take you a moment to tell you what a wonderful puppy Lucy is. We are all hopelessly in love with her. She has THE BEST temperament and personality. She is always happy and bright, she loves everybody she meets, including strangers and all animals. She is so sweet and affectionate too.



She is also very smart. She is learning some basic commands and has ben potty trained to ring the bell to go out since 14 weeks old. And to boot she is utterly gorgeous. She gets raving compliments wherever we go.


She is really just a joy to have in our household. She was worth waiting for. We really could not have asked for a better dog. Thank you so much for bringing her to us!




I attached a photo of her and our cat playing!



Hi Julie! 

I wanted to send you a picture of Lucy. Now one year old. She is utterly the most gorgeous creature ever born. She is wonderful in every way. We all adore her. I have never loved an animal so much. She's my BFF. At my side at all times. What joy she had brought to our family. 


I hope you and your family are doing great!


Sharon Zambito




Meet Lucy: Apricot Habibi

Meet Lucy: Red with White Habibi Bear





​Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for raising such wonderful puppies!  Lucy is absolutely adorable and is the smartest dog I've ever known.  She's five months old now and knows sit, shake and lay down all with hand commands only.  She will also let us put a small bone on her nose and she'll leave it there until given told it's okay and then she shakes her head to knock it off and pounces on it.

Her coloring is beautiful and everyone is always interested what kind of dog she is and they all just love her.  She gets super excited whenever she sees someone knew so we're working with her on that.  Kayla and Samantha  have been definitely holding up their end of the bargain and taking care of her every day.  I think they will be very disappointed if they ever get another dog because Lucy has been so smart, they'll think every dog is this easy to train!
Again, thank you so much for letting little Lucy come home with us.  She is definitely spoiled!




Meet Parker: Apricot Confetti Habibi Bear

Hi Everyone!

Here are some of my favs :)  They should be in order of oldest to newest.  We just love him to bits! <3



Show More
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Meet Daisy: Blue Confetti Habibi Bear​

We love this family!  Never have we been received with such joy as when we arrived late one rainy night to hand deliver this little baby.  The entire family was there to meet the new addition, and it was an absolute joy to meet these lovely new members of our Uptown Family! 

Hi Julie!

Talk about potty trained! Daisy hasn't had ONE accident since she arrived. People don't believe us when we tell them. You guys are amazing!! No matter where she is in the house she will run like crazy to potty in her box!!  She is the light of our life!! My house is a home again filled with laughter and love!  Would you believe she slept through her first trip to the vet, including the exam. I finally a few days ago discovered how to stop her from nipping/biting. I say no point my finger and clap my hands together. Took all of her Vampire tendencies away. She was not happy!!!  I only get up once during the night. I've lost no sleep. Again, she is a jewel!

You're not just breeders!! You are so much more that!!!!!!!!!                                   

Sherry and Karl

Meet Diesel:  Mini  Schnoodle Black and Grey​

We have really come to love Diesel's family!  They are great about keeping in touch and keeping us up to date on all of his doings.  Diesel is everyone's best friend :)

Here are a few cute letters  we received over time!  The one from Diesel makes me smile every time I read it, such a sweet family.  Boy talk about the life of a dog!  Diesel's Momma has reported back that he is excelling in training.  Their trainer, groomer and all the employees at Home Depot think he is the cutest dog around.  Awwwww!

Good Morning, Julie,

Diesel has new doggy/kitty friends who live at my friend's, Kathy, house. He played with them all weekend in their house and fenced yard.
That's where this attached photo was taken.
The dogs are Eddie (9), a mini white schnauzer, Jack (5), a small standard schnauzer who is colored like Daisy Mae and we think Diesel is reminded of her, and Snowball (3) a toy white poodle as well as 2 kitties, Billy(13) black and 15 pounds and a huge (22 lbs) white 13 year old kitty who shares her bed with Diesel. He and they all love his visits.

Diesel began puppy class last Saturday so met some guys his size. He liked them but wasn't overly interested in them. He liked the 8 month old lab better!! He did well. We've worked with him on sit, down, roll over, wait, come ( which I trust less right now that he's almost 16 weeks if we're running outside),walking on a leash nicely etc.

He runs the schnoodle 500 with great zest and speed (my goodness...the speed is unbelievable!!!!) And its infectious to humans and dogs alike when they are there!!! Everyone starts running!!! Too funny.

He's been to many dinner parties including 2 Thanksgiving feasts and he's a near perfect guest and always invited back. Everyone who meets him wants to babysit him.

He's loving his slicker brush and his toothpaste, chews his "Flossie"
tendons and bully sticks and has among SEVERAL toys, a talking ball he bats around. Plus numerous talking and squeaking toys and skin-eez.

He loves his mom and dad and we love him. And now he is long out of the crate and sleeps at our feet all night long for weeks and weeks now.

He sends you this message:
"Hi Mommy Julie, I just wanted  to thank you for making me the nice boy I am. Everyone likes me and I get treats from the office ladies here where we have parked the motorhome. I LOVE treats!!! (And they're all healthy and crunchy so good for my teeth and jaws right?) The ladies there pick me up everyday and tell me I'm "the cutest ever". My life is sweet and mom and dad take me everywhere. I've made a lot of friends at Home Depot and Petsmart and everywhere I go and I always try to remember the things you taught me about being polite and nice. I'm getting my third shots soon and I'm very good at my doctor's. They even have a grown up schnoodle there who loves to play with me. She's beautiful and looks like me. Fun!! I'm turning gray btw so I may look like my mom, Daisy Mae, soon. So wanted you to know I'm having
a fun life and I'm meeting lots of friends and learning lots of new things. I can't wait to see you  and my mom and Auntie Penny and Auntie Leizel when I get back to Idaho in April. I'm a big boy and mom says I'm going to have my little operation in a month or so. Have any of my brothers and sisters had that yet?  So I'm very good and still love you a lot. Hi to everyone from me. Hugs and kisses (big time kisses!!)", Diesel
(And Kandy and John)

So Hi,
It's me Diesel. I'm doing great in Tallahassee. I have lots of friends AND I already weigh 13.6 pounds! How much does everyone else in my litter weigh? I have a very long outer coat and I look like I stuck my paw into a socket...kinda like electricity...and can't wait till my under coat is the same length so I can have a puppy cut. My face is cut like my mom. I look just like a schanuzer with a big beard, long eyebrows and enormously long eye lashes. Everyone think I'm very cute. (When I get wet....and I LOVE going out in the rain and rolling in wet grass....and I LOVE getting wet, my face looks just like my dad...the poodle look.

I went on a huge walk on a huge plantation with mom and dad yesterday and did great running loose UNTIL I saw a jogger. Mom and dad were not ok with that but what fun I had (and how obedient I was to come, sit and wait till that jogger and then I couldn't help myself. ).

Mom took be back today on my 30 ft long line and it was all great. I made lots of new friends and played a lot as we walked. Pugsly, the Pug was cool, Daisy the Goldendoodle was huge but way fun and I ran all over with her, Chet and Baxter and my new HUGE Doberman buddies (they might be faster than me??!!!), Lilly one of my "Rotweiller girls" really thinks I'm a cool guy and Max, George and Gracie are my Golden Retriever pals.

So I'm home now and sound asleep in mom's lap (did you guess I'm a big time lapdog my dad says and mom and dad love that). I'm just kinda a little guy and I have very big friends everywhere plus "their people" who like me a lot too so I have to rest to keep up but I love having fun.

How are you? Can I come see you when I get back home in the Spring. Would my mom and Auntie Leizel remember me and like me or would I be a stranger?

Have a fun day.
Diesel (Kandy and John)




Meet Breindel : Black with White Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,

Just thought I would update you on Miss Breindel.  She is such a joy!  We love her and she keeps us entertained with something new everyday.  All of her new teeth are in and they are gorgeous, white, and straight.  I actually thought teething would be worse, but we always kept a toy in hand to stuff in her mouth when she began to get carried away.  

She can  perform sit, down, shake, wait, stand, belly up, bring, speak, and dance!  She is an athelete!  She moves like lightening zooming around the yard, springs, bounces, leaps and dashes.  She absolutely LOVES the snow.  So much so, that I have left her coat long so she can play outside.  She dives like a dolphin in waves through the snow drifts and when her teeth ached she would plow her mouth through the snow for relief.  She loves our grandchildren and has treated them well. They are sure Breindel has more toys than they do lol.  She has very definite opinions of what she likes to play with.  We both are looking forward to spring so we can go on walks, but for now we walk all around the pet store meeting people and dogs. She is well-behaved and so darling.  She has begun getting some silvery highlights in her coat beginning on her back legs.  I have attached a couple of pictures I took after she went to the groomer.  We weren't expecting the red bows which actually lasted a whole day lol.  I thought you would like to see how she has grown.  Breindel is a very intelligent dog and she keeps us busy finding new things to teach her and entertain her.  She is wonderful!  I hope you and your family are well and growing too.  Thank you for our little brunette blessing.

Warmest Regards,

Sherri Scadlock

South Jordan, UT

Meet Sadie : Mini Apricot Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,
Sadie is doing great after almost a month. She is such a joy. We just got back from spending a week on the WA coast and she loved the beach, especially digging on the sand (will send pictures). She loved the car ride to the coast and did better then my daughter.  She loves to chase/ play with balls in the grandparents backyard (I will send you videos). Sadie has become the neighborhoods favorite dog with visitors daily. She loves to watch people play tennis and basketball at the park. She will sit near the courts to watch, then the players catch her eye and come over to say hi.  After 3 weeks she figured how to climb and escape the white playpen you recommended, now we secure her in the kitchen with baby gates that she cannot escape. At night she sleeps in her kennel. She sleeps through the night now with no whines and she has never had accidents in her kennel. Immediately after bringing Sadie home she thought the litter box was a toy whether then a place to go potty, therefore now its a toy box to play in and it goes everywhere along with her other toys (I will send a picture of her in her playbox with her favorite toy monkey). Within a week of training her she now uses the doggie door at my parents and the door training bells on the front door. Accident free and potty trained in 2.5 weeks at both homes.

Thank you,
Jenn Whitney

Meet Sophie : Standard Panda Habibi Bear

Our little Sophie is growing rapidly, now weighing a bit more than 20 pounds. In a very short time, she has captured our hearts. She is loving, playful, a little mischievous, very smart and quite active. Just as "Indigo" followed you around the house, so does little Sophie follow us. After meeting our new dog, everybody (including the trainer) says that she's the perfect puppy for our family. We could not agree more and are so thankful to you, Julie. You certainly know what you're doing!

Thank you!





Hello Julie!

I just left you a message email on your site, but wanted to share some photos with you.  Sophie is almost 7 months--and these photos were taken a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, the new groomer trimmed away her teddy bear look, but we still love her--and are getting used to her new style.  We're, nonetheless, looking forward to fur growth to reshape that bear look.  I asked the groomer to check your website, and to possibly call you too.

Hope you and your family are well!?

Meet Hank : Standard Red Phantom Confetti Habibi Bear
Show More

We love Hanks parents!  Brooke and Will flew in from California to meet the litter, and then Brooke flew back to pick Hank up---talk about dedication.  They have both been the perfect parents and great friends!  

(THANKS for all the great pictures of your family, we LOVE them!!!)

HI Julie,

Hank has been really great. We love him so. He's literally doubled in size! We took him swimming last Sunday in a pool (just to make sure he knew how for safety reasons) and he knocked himself running around the pool before we could even introduce him to the water. Good news: he can swim.

I've already given your name and website to at least 3 people who Hank sold on Habibi bears with his Teddy Bear face. The mini litters look so cute! I keep telling people they come in two sizes, Hank's (standard) and a mini size. 

I know you have lots of going on up there, but wanted to let you know how popular and loved Hank is by all!



Brooke and Will have shared the love of their Habibi with their friends Ileah and Ryan.  Here is a letter from a recent visit with Hank and his little brother, Charlie:


Hi Julie,

On Sunday we had Ryan, Ileah, and Charlie over. Hank and Charlie got along great, and they're both just as cute as they should be.


It was funny to recognize so much of ourselves in Ryan and Ileah's puppy parenting, from being overly cautious about potty training to telling Charlie, "Mommy loves you!" They do all the exact same things we've done and do.


Thanks for the endlessly lovable dogs!



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