Selection Day Alerts

Selection Day Alerts

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With our new site we are implementing more systems to better serve our families.  Over the past couple years we’ve noticed a new trend.  With every selection we have families who opt to wait, and we fully support their choice to adopt when the timing feels resonant.  However, many times we’ve turned away families who are in need of a puppy due to our very full waiting list, only to have the waiting list all opt to wait.   What a quandary! 

The Problem

The waiting list process has been daunting to manage; waiting to hear back from the next in line, many not replying in a timely manner,  only to hear they aren’t ready yet. New families who are needing their puppy now to support their child; yet our waiting list is full.  

What's a person supposed to do in a situation such as this?

Our Solution

With much reflection on the situation, I decided to implement this new system to meet the needs of both my  beloved waiting list families and those who really don’t want to wait two years for a puppy. 

Our Selection Day Alert Emails will serve both the waiting list and those who are not on the waiting list.  

  • In the event that someone on the old waiting list opts to wait, we now can easily be in touch with those who are ready to adopt.  
  • When you receive the notification that a selection has begun, you can submit an application at that time for adopting a puppy from the litter.  
  • Once the paid waiting has made their decisions, we will open up the other puppies to those who submitted an application.  
  • I will verify by date stamp of the application for next in line.   
  • If you have made the list, I will notify you and you can then submit your reservation fee to secure your puppy. 

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