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Puppy Alerts

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New year and new process!  All selections are exclusive to our paid waiting list.  Get on this on-call list to know when we have an opening come available.  

If you haven't submitted your Puppy Application, submit one today so you can be part of the selection.  
24 Hour Selection Day's are reserved exclusively for our PAID WAITING LIST ONLY.  
In order to qualify to submit a puppy request, a family must have the following:

1. Application Submitted, and a quick phone call or text (your preference) to go over any questions and connect.
2. If approved, we need a paid Reservation Fee on file for your to move forward to the approved list for selections

3. Puppies are selected on a first-come-first-serve basis based on when the date the deposit was paid and the contract was signed (whichever was last) 

If you see a puppy that you are interested in and have not begun the application process, please follow the steps below to join the Paid Waiting List.  

Our Puppy Purchase Process


Read through our site to familiarize yourself with our operations and philosophy.  


To join our Waiting list, submit a Puppy Application. I'll reach out to you via phone or text (whichever you prefer) for a quick chat. This way, I can answer any questions you may have and make sure that we are a great fit for each other. If your application is approved, and once all your queries are addressed, and we both agree to proceed, I will inform you about the timeframe and available planned litters to join.


After being approved, we require non-refundable reservation fee & sign the agreement to be added to a litter's waiting list.


Receive our welcome email and begin the preparation process! While waiting, families can set up their puppy area and read through our materials in Habibi University . Stay updated with litters and dates on the Puppy Nursery page.

Selection Day

Pick day will happen right after temperament testing at 7 weeks.  We will email the Selection Day Notification to view the puppies.  Each family will have a 30-45 minute FaceTime appointment to meet the puppies and submit their choices with  the  Puppy Request & add-on packages.

It's a Match

Puppies are matched to their family in the order of deposit received and our staff will email confirmation and your delivery/flights/pick-up will be added to our itinerary schedule!  If a family's puppy is attending PupStart, we will confirm the details and the puppy will transition to Pup Start Cham School 

Gotcha Day!

Yay, we made it! You are an official Habibi Bear parent! Delivery (if required) is scheduled on designated Gotcha Days; dates will be listed for each litter.

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(Selection is reserved for our Paid Waiting List Only - to be considered for a puppy, you must have an application and paid reservation on file)

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