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24 Hour Selection Day 'sneak peeks' are reserved exclusively for our PAID WAITING LIST ONLY.  
In order to qualify to submit a puppy request, a family must have the following:

1. Application Submitted
2. Paid Reservation FEE

If you see a puppy that you are interested in and have not begun the application process, please follow the steps below to join the Paid Waiting List.  

Our Adoption Process 


Read through our site to familiarize yourself with our operations and philosophy. Sign up for Selection Day Notifications to be notified when litters are posted.  


To join our Waiting list, submit an Adoption Questionnaire. You will need to submit a reservation fee to be among the first  to be able to select a pup for adoption.


You are required to submit your non-refundable reservation fee & sign the fee agreement before you can adopt a dog and be considered on our paid waiting list. *If your application is denied, this is the only reason your reservation fee will be returned to you.


Receive our welcome email and begin the preparation process!

While waiting, families can set up their puppy area and read through our materials in Habibi University .

Stay updated with litters and dates on our Upcoming Litters page.

Selection Day

We send out  Selection Day Notifications  to our Paid Waiting list for an exclusive sneak peek before others - a perk for joining the waiting list! Families can wait as long as they like to submit a request.  The Waiting List families have 24 hrs. to submit a request. We provide this small window as a courtesy for those who need specific traits, training etc, and then we move remaining pups into service training. 

It's a Match

24 hrs. after Selection Day Sneak peek email is sent, we begin the matching process. Puppies are matched to their family in the order of deposit received. After 24 hours, unmatched puppies are listed on the Available Puppies page and their training path will be determined by Habibi Pup Academy.  

Gotcha Day!

Once puppy has been chosen, the family decides length of stay in Pup Academy, then final adoption & Academy fees are due. At this point you are now the owner of your puppy and there will be no refunds.

Yay, we made it! You are an official Habibi Bear parent! Delivery (if required) is scheduled around completion of Pup Academy; dates will be listed for each litter. Get ready for hand delivery via ground, air—or meet us at the airport!

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(Selection is reserved for our Paid Waiting List Only - to be considered for a puppy, you must have an application and paid reservation on file)

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