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Time to prepare for your new Habibi Bear's arrival!  Order your pawTree food, Bark Potty, and supplies from this page! 

Read over our recommendations under the Layette tab  :)


What to Feed your Habibi Bear​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​What we recommend for your new Habibi Bear Puppy:

After several families commenting that their puppies are becoming picky eaters, we went back to the drawing board to find some new alternatives for our families.  We are excited to announce that as of 2020 we are now changing all of our puppies' diets to PAWTREE  dog food and treats. The dog food debates and questions are over for us. We found the best dog food around--Pawtree is our food of choice. 

Food is the foundation of good health. We know as pet parents it can be overwhelming to decide what food will provide our pets the proper nutrition to live healthy, vibrant lives.

While dogs can survive on most commercial brands, PAWTREE has customized nutrition plans to help our dogs thrive in life, not just survive. 

Every dog is unique. Why should they all eat the same thing? The answer is: they shouldn't!

Place all future orders on Auto ship every 6 weeks to ensure fresh supply of food, treats, toys and grooming products for your puppy.

Email us for your litter, and we will tell you which formula we are feeding the puppies:


PawTree Shop

Purchase your new puppy starter kit today, just in time for the arrival of your new puppy 

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While you are ordering your food and nutrition we also suggest taking advantage of grabbing your toys from PawTree and get FREE shipping of your food order!  (To qualify for FREE Shipping, purchase 3 non-food items  with your dry kibble on auto ship)

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Feeding and Auto-ship Guidelines:

Sign up for  Auto shipments​ every  8 weeks so you always have extra food on hand in case of emergencies. PawTree food is packaged in 10 lb bags to ensure freshness!  Stock up on multiple bags and save on shipping--PLUS-- the food stays fresh instead of opening a large bag for 8 weeks.

**As your puppy grows you can adjust your auto ship date accordingly

(To qualify for FREE Shipping, purchase 3 non-food items  dry kibble products on auto ship)

Dog Size:
Puppy: 2 x day = 30 lb bag/ 8-10 weeks  (three 10 lb. bags)  
Adult dog: 2-3 cups day (Standard) 1-2 cups (Mini) = 30 lb bag/9-10 weeks  (three 10 lb. bags)

PawTree Chicken and Sweet Potato Formula


PawTree Toys (We will share what toys your litter is using on their litter page, for go home! Our puppies love the small light stick, especially)

PawTree Solution Sets (These are great to have on hand, bundle and save on shipping)



Bark Potty: (We are using a litter box with wood stove pellets and/or newspaper- we introduce both to the pups. Families love transitioning to this system as it is so easy to maintain.  Puppies do tend to chew on them, they are teething, its to be expected.   They will stop chewing on the bark after initial exploration)

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We have linked-up all our favorite items to help you prepare for your new puppy. 

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Be sure to order food from the direct link above. 

Puppy Pen & Litter Box

Kennels & Crates

We finally found a solution to puppy climbing!  These vertical slat pens are PAWfect, and the exercise mats are a great combo to protect your floors.  The slats are a little wide for tiny teacups who can slip through at younger ages, so it is best for a Standard size puppy or when your teacup outgrows the Iris Pen. 

Dishes & Toys


Medical & Misc

Harnesses and Leashes