New Shopping List and Site Updates

By now, everyone that knows me (Julie), knows that I love to share ideas to simplify raising puppies. Borderline obsessive compulsive when it comes to my dogs, I really do LOVEEE sharing my knowledge with anyone interested in listening. Our site has grown over the years as I learn new techniques, or find a system that is highly recommended by friends and Habibi Bear Families. One of these pesky little challenges we are always working on, would be the ever present issue of CLIMBING PUPPIES. Oh yes, you say your Habibi Bear climbed out of it's puppy pen? Trust me when I tell you, this is more common than not! Our little dogs are not called 'Clown Dogs' for nothin'! We have tried several options to contain the puppies, and found that using Lattice as a topper is easy, cheap and does the job. Now, thanks to our dear friends, The Geoffroy Family, we have a picture of a great set up that even the most un-handy person can tackle! Thanks guys!

The Amazing Puppy Containment Area!

So this exciting picture to your left, led me to updating the site's shopping page. I wanted to try to make it just a little more specific on the pens, their sizes and the top. You can check out that info here: Habibi Bear Must- Have- All- Important- Shopping- List!!

Another all-important-addition to this list is the amazing CLICKER TRAINING techniques by Karen Pryor. Wow, what I am hearing about this philosophy is practically awe inspiring. It is a way to communicate with your dog without the use of words! We all know that dogs really follow body language and tone more than anything, right? If you want to watch a little training in action, be sure to visit the updated puppy training video page on the site, I added some clicker training videos!

And the final addition that I am head-over-heels for is the Bark Appeal step-in harness. This is so easy-peasy, you will never have to struggle with those complicated torture devices disguised as a dog harness again. Trust me, these ROCK. And they came highly recommended by our beloved Habibi, "Diesel" and his parents, John and Kandy.

(All of these items are also listed in our Amazon Shop, for your easy one-stop ordering!) Did I mention Amazon Prime is about the best invention ever??? Seriously folks, you can order anything and it arrives in two days for FREE. Sweet!

I am sure there are other updates I am forgetting....they usually take place when a creative moment hits in the wee hours of the morning! Be sure to check the site often, you never know what new things I have cooking up to share with you!

In closing, if you are preparing for your new puppy, I hope these new additions to the site will make choices a little easier, and the task a little less daunting. For my veteran Habibi Families that are old pros to the whole puppy training stage, if you have some neat little tricks you would like to share, please send them my way. Nothing excites this old teacher more than learning something new. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks????

Love and Light,