Habibi Bear Tips

Answers to common puppy problems from our Staff

Have an issue with your Habibi Bear Pup? Chewing, potty problems, crying??? You are not alone in your frustrations, these and other issues are pretty common with all new puppies. As we receive questions from our families, we will share the most common here!

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Pottying next to the litterbox?

What am I doing wrong! All of a sudden this week, our little girl started going on the floor beside the box. We can't figure out how to get her to go in it again!

This is pretty common with little ones. We don't realize that even the most minor changes can give our puppies a mixed message. When we receive these questions from our families, we then follow up with a series of questions to figure out WHAT is the root cause of the setback.

Many times, it is something very simple!

Here are a few self checks to do with your set up:

Did you re-arrange the puppy area? We suggest setting up your area EXACTLY as we do in our home. The puppy is a creature of habit and this will help the transition be less stressful if your Habibi Bear comes home to a similar little setup. Feel free to send us a picture of your area and we can help you arrange it to better suit the puppy!

Is the box too small? Puppy need enough room to do the potty dance. You know, turn around and get in position! If your puppy is going beside the box, sometimes this is a clue that puppy needs more room. If that isn't the case, lets go to the next solution!

Is the floor clean of any lingering odors from previous potty accidents? Puppies go where they have eliminated before. If the pup keeps going back to the same spot, it could be that you need to clean with enzyme (Nature's Miracle) to rid the spot of the smell. If it is still going there, try putting the litter box over that spot. Also, if you have absorbent material down in the puppy area, it can confuse the pup that it is okay to go on this. (potty pads, newspaper etc). We use newspaper in our home when the puppies start out, but as they mature, we remove it and only have the box. Try removing the newspaper.

If all else fails, this setback could also be a developmental phase. We find as we are teaching the puppies to use the litter boxes that we have the best success when we progress in stages. When puppy goes home, they are at the third stage, as shown in our pictures. Sometimes when the puppy hits the teenager phase, they tend to test the boundaries a little. If puppy is not responding to the above tactics, then its time to limit their space for a day. Make puppy's area smaller for one day, so they only have room for their bed, food dishes, and litterbox. This will re-establish your Habibi's skills and set him up for success. They don't like to potty on their bed, so the only other spot is the box. After a day of reviewing this skill, usually puppy is ready to have more space again.

Best of luck!