New Litters and Announcements!

Hello to all of our wonderful Habibi Bear Families!

Boy, this month has been an eventful one! After the long wait, we have some darling little Habibi Bears making their debut, just in time for the holidays. I am finally over my terrible flu bug that lasted over a month, and needless to say, I am so behind on updates!! Jannah has unveiled the gorgeous pics of her two litters, and we have openings for both. These are both going to be smaller minis for those of you that are waiting for one! Midge's litter is going to be a larger mini/small standard, and a great choice for our families that want a larger dog.

In the coming year we have many exciting announcements about our breeding program--and lots of surprises up our sleeves! Everyone has been asking for more confettis, more apricots and reds and raving over our litters with the rounder teddy bear faces and cobby bodies! Well ask and you shall receive!!! 2014 will be another milestone for Habibi Bears, as we continue to move forward in producing beautiful, hypoallergenic, intelligent little Habibi Bears!!! Stay tuned!!!

Juliette and Jannah