Time to choose! Our current litter is ready!

Hi Everyone,

Boy, let me tell ya, we have some adorable little ladies and one gentleman to share with you. They have all been temperament tested and we are ready to start matching up families. For those that are coming to visit the litter, we are working around a pretty hectic back-to-school schedule this week, but we can work you in if you are flexible!

These puppies all show great signs of being therapy dog material. Every. Single. One. We had our friend perform the test a second time to verify, and they are awesome!!

They do all look so much alike, and are pretty darn cute.

We just heard back from a couple of our families today as well, and it was just wonderful to receive such sweet letters. Thank you so very much to all of our families that we have met over the years. You make my life sweeter in so many ways.

Here are links to a couple of the letters we received the past couple days, they are featured on our Happy Tails pages----





Thanks again everyone ,