25 Years in Reflection

Nothing ever touches my heart more than receiving updates from our families about their beloved Habibi Bears. Today happens to be one of those days where my heart has been melted so many times I think I am in Habibi Bear Bliss! As I sit here reading all of these wonderful updates, I am reminded how truly lucky--no BLESSED--we are to know so many awesome families.

As we enter 2014 we have officially hit our quarter of a century mark! Is that even possible?? Boy, time has flown, and so many amazing events have transpired in those 25 years.

In 2013, we heard from dozens of families that have adopted puppies from us over the years, some of these families had recently lost their little dogs to old age and are now adopting a new Habibi Bear in 2014. Reconnecting with these families from the past has renewed my spirits and given me even more reason to set new goals in the coming year, and for the next 25 years! Time and again, I hear stories of how my little dogs were the best dog these families ever owned, how they were more than a pet, they were a beloved family member. One family wrote that their sweet dog had died suddenly due to a freak accident, and how their home is empty without their furry friend. They wanted to make sure they adopted their new puppy from the same breeder. Another family called me to share with me how their dog grew up right alongside their 7 active children and they could never have asked for a more perfect dog for their rowdy crew. He said this dog was the most patient and resilient animal he had ever known. He said he always knew he could trust that no matter how carried-away the children got with her, she was so intuitive and gentle with them. She never snapped at them once. He laughed telling me how one time the children got into paints and decided to paint her. She was blue and green for a few months until her hair grew out. What touched my heart the most was to hear how she protected her children like Nana, from Peter Pan. One family shared how their dog was the perfect traveling companion in their Motorhome. They said he never meets a stranger and everywhere he goes he is loved by dogs both large and small. Yet another letter shared how their puppy grew into the perfect dog for living in an apartment full-time. I remember one of our first litters, we had an apricot boy that was adopted by a blonde family in Long Beach, CA. He ended up learning to surf! And how could I ever forget sweet Emma, who became the eyes for her owner that lost her sight when Emma was only 2. Or how about the cancer survivor that needed a comfort dog to relieve anxiety, and told me her Habibi Bear was so in tune with her, it was like she was made just for her? I could go on and on with all the different stories, and perhaps one day I will write a book sharing all these lovely memories from families. It is interesting how each family has a different story, a different lifestyle......and our little Habibi's have fit into that little niche perfectly. Of course not every letter is happy. We've had a few sad experiences too. Such as the time when we were contacted by the daughter of one of our Habibi families, telling us that her Dad recently passed away and she needed help finding a new home for her Dad's dog. Or the time a family had to make the heartbreaking decision to let their dog go due to hectic work schedules and not being home enough to care for their dog. These are the times when families are desperate and need us most, and of course we are always here to help out in a moment's notice! Even in these sad times, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, a family that is awaiting the perfect older dog. I am a firm believer that when I allow the process to take it's course naturally, the dogs always find the the home they are meant to be in. God always guides me when I am finding homes for our dogs, and He has never failed me yet! This year we re-homed a very special boy in this situation, and his new family email me every month telling me how he has brought so much joy to their home.

In the beginning it was just me, a young girl and her dream to develop a special breed. When my dear friends decided to join me in developing our new breed I was beyond thrilled. Their knowledge and expertise has been instrumental in the development of the Habibi Bear. I had no idea 25 years ago I would be where I am now. I love that families from my very first litters are still in touch. I love that most of our adoptive families came to us from a referral, I love that every single puppy is adopted by a new friend. I love that my puppies make a difference, however small in this world.

Keep those letters and calls coming!

Here's to you, my Habibi's~