Meet Cozy​: Red Confetti Bi-Color


We love Cozy and her wonderful momma! She always keeps us up to date with the goings on with our sweet girl :) WARNING!!! Julie! These dogs should come with a warning! Cozy and I can't walk down the street without getting stopped to find out what kind of dog she is and to tell m how cute she is! Will email you an in depth update later! Xo Hi Auntie Julie! I went to the beach for the first time today! I stayed on leash and wasn't allowed to sniff anything or other dogs, but that didn't matter because the ocean was there!! It was 70 degrees out and the water was a little chilly, but I loved it soooo much. I even got to jog on the harder wet sand and through the water which was my favorite! As soon as I have all my shots and my lady parts all fixed up so I can't be a mama I can go to another dog beach closer to home and go off my leash and chase balls!! I can't wait! Love, Cozy Hello Julie! Let me start with the good stuff - HOW COZY IS DOING. She is just the sweetest thing EVER. My mom is head over heels in love with her, and I am obviously as well. She is probably the funniest dog I have ever met in my life. EVERYONE comments on how beautiful she is and sweet. She's still very wary of strangers, but in the past two weeks she's gotten a lot more brave, even barking a bit to alert me. Everytime I take her out in LA we get stopped. A friend and I were at dinner two weeks ago and this lady came over and interrupted us just to talk about Cozy. I gave her your website because she was interested in getting her own. My friend said Cozy is like being with a celebrity, everyone wants to come say hi! About four weeks ago she was at my mom's house playing with my mom's dogs and they were all running like CRAZIES and she made a too sharp turn and ended up BREAKING HER TOE. She was a huge champ and acted like absolutely nothing was wrong for three days until it became apparent that something was broken and it wasn't just a "sports injury" as my mom called it. So she spent three and a half weeks in a splint. I expected her to be like "what is this on my foot? GET IT OFF?" But honestly? She didn't even notice anything was wrong. At all. It was like the splint had been there every single day of her life. She's such an easy going dog, just a little timid of strangers (she runs to me like a mama's girl, very, very sweet). She got her cast off last Wednesday at 3.5 weeks because she'd heeled up so quickly. She's spent the last few days adjusting. She'll get fixed on Friday and spend the weekend with me recuperating and being babied. Everyone is so sad I'm fixing her because they think she'd have the cutest babies. I've had several people tell me "it's too bad you can't harvest her eggs...". Needless to say she's a super star! Let's see...what else can I gush about? OH YES. She is the biggest nerd. Seriously a huge goofball. She LOVES water (laying in and drinking). My mom was over the other day and had the sprinklers on and turned around and Cozy was just laying in the middle of the lawn getting SOAKED. I also bought her a kiddie pool and she thinks that's pretty great as well. Seriously, she is the greatest dog and a wonderful Ambassador out here for you guys! We were enrolled in a class, but because of the broken toe she couldn't play with the other dogs so it made no sense to keep going when she would just get frustrated she couldn't play. We'll resume those once she's all healed up from her surgery. She's a little out of control right now, but she's a six month old puppy and when she wants nothing more than to snuggle (she'd rather be up and going most of the time) in the morning it's allllll worth it. As a puppy she did grow a little funny, but we thought that was part of her charm. When she came she was, as my mom said, a little box. And then her legs grew and her body was little and then she evened out to where she is now. She is a GREAT size...we all thought she'd be bigger, but are really happy with how big she is (she hops up when I bend down to pick her up). I'll measure her sometime this week. Two weeks ago she weighed 25 pounds. I'll send you a BUNCH (and by bunch I mean ten...possibly more?) pictures of Cozy from my phone so you get the big images. I don't know if I have any of her standing's kind of hard to get her to stay still. She's such a little wiggle worm, ball of energy! But honestly, I love her so much. She is such an amazing dog and such a perfect fit for me. Sometimes I worry about keeping her SO isolated until sixteen weeks. I was so worried about Parvo I didn't really let her leave the house or interact with other dogs so I worry I've kind of stunted her growth, but I think she's just a generally cautious dog. She much prefers to watch other dogs, and sit incredibly straight and erect, and sit behind a person's leg until she's comfortable with the situation. OH MY GOSH BEFORE I FORGET HER COAT. I haven't cut it because I'm too afraid she'll lose her dark spots so right now her coat is like...two inches long? Maybe a bit longer. After she gets fixed I'll have them do a trim, but for now I'm letting it grow on. Her coat is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Some spots she'd strawberry blonde, some she's a redhead, some she's got the black dots...but her tail. Her tail is absolutely stunning. It's black and white and grey and red and's this gorgeous flaxen beauty tail. I took a picture of it so it'll be in one of the photos I send you!! xox, Martha and Cozy