Meet Barney and Rufus: Black Tuxedo and Apricot Parti Boys

Thanks again for everything, we couldn't be more delighted with the new members of our family. In fact a few minutes ago we were showing them off to some friends in Mexico via Skype.

After we saw you we headed back home but didn't get here until after midnight. I was convinced the puppies would hate us and that we had got off to a bad start. But they were super well behaved. They love their new pen and crate.

We have had no problems and give them lots of attention. I have been sleeping beside their crate the last 2 nights and they have been very good.

Barb will be taking some video shots of them and we will try to pass these along.

Hope the other new parents are just as happy with their new additions too.

We think it was a great move getting two as they seem less lonely and wear each other out! They are amazing little beloved bears.

Peace & Patience

John & Barb