Meet Beasley and Bailey: Phantom girl and Sable boy

Hi, Julie:

Thanks again for your long drive today to bring us our babies. Just wanted to let you know that they were incredibly well-behaved on the way home and, in fact, slept most of the way. They are feeling pretty much at home already, are actively playing in their pen, and have created a new game known as "ring around the litter box". Oh, another one, "move that crate!" They're having a very good time! No problem with the food and water bowls. Both have used the litter box. Now winding down a bit, and perhaps nap time?

Hope your return trip home was peaceful and uneventful.

Please have a great remainder of your day, and know that you have assisted in making our lives very happy!

Best regards,

Les and Melissa


Ok sit (hand and verbal) and they come when called. Next we are goi​ng to work on leash training and making coffee in the morning :) we may wait for leash training until I find a collar that fits Bailey.

They are a blast