Meet Breindel: Black with White Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,

Just thought I would update you on Miss Breindel. She is such a joy! We love her and she keeps us entertained with something new everyday. All of her new teeth are in and they are gorgeous, white, and straight. I actually thought teething would be worse, but we always kept a toy in hand to stuff in her mouth when she began to get carried away.

She can perform sit, down, shake, wait, stand, belly up, bring, speak, and dance! She is an athelete! She moves like lightening zooming around the yard, springs, bounces, leaps and dashes. She absolutely LOVES the snow. So much so, that I have left her coat long so she can play outside. She dives like a dolphin in waves through the snow drifts and when her teeth ached she would plow her mouth through the snow for relief. She loves our grandchildren and has treated them well. They are sure Breindel has more toys than they do lol. She has very definite opinions of what she likes to play with. We both are looking forward to spring so we can go on walks, but for now we walk all around the pet store meeting people and dogs. She is well-behaved and so darling. She has begun getting some silvery highlights in her coat beginning on her back legs. I have attached a couple of pictures I took after she went to the groomer. We weren't expecting the red bows which actually lasted a whole day lol. I thought you would like to see how she has grown. Breindel is a very intelligent dog and she keeps us busy finding new things to teach her and entertain her. She is wonderful! I hope you and your family are well and growing too. Thank you for our little brunette blessing.

Warmest Regards,

Sherri Scadlock

South Jordan, UT