Meet Greta: Standard Blue Phantom Confetti Habibi Bear


My mom got sweet little Audrey from you, who we now call Greta. I call her Gretzky as we are hockey fans and she is quite the athlete! I am lucky enough to spend many afternoons playing with her, she loves fetch! She is quite a smarty pants and we have enjoyed beginning to train her. She just graduated from puppy class and we think she is a genius! She is such a snuggler! It makes us so happy to have her greet us when we come in the door wiggling and giving kisses and she loves to sit on the couch with us and nap. We are so lucky to have her. The vet thinks she is going to stay pretty small, around 20 pounds they think. Her hair makes her look bigger but when she's wet she is a tiny little thing! We love her so much and are so glad she is in the family. I will attach a few photos so you can see how she's grown! Sylvie