Meet Hank: Standard Red Phantom Confetti Habibi Bear

We love Hanks parents! Brooke and Will flew in from California to meet the litter, and then Brooke flew back to pick Hank up---talk about dedication. They have both been the perfect parents and great friends!

(THANKS for all the great pictures of your family, we LOVE them!!!)

HI Julie,

Hank has been really great. We love him so. He's literally doubled in size! We took him swimming last Sunday in a pool (just to make sure he knew how for safety reasons) and he knocked himself running around the pool before we could even introduce him to the water. Good news: he can swim.

I've already given your name and website to at least 3 people who Hank sold on Habibi bears with his Teddy Bear face. The mini litters look so cute! I keep telling people they come in two sizes, Hank's (standard) and a mini size.

I know you have lots of going on up there, but wanted to let you know how popular and loved Hank is by all! Best, Brooke

Brooke and Will have shared the love of their Habibi with their friends Ileah and Ryan. Here is a letter from a recent visit with Hank and his little brother, Charlie:

Hi Julie,

On Sunday we had Ryan, Ileah, and Charlie over. Hank and Charlie got along great, and they're both just as cute as they should be.

It was funny to recognize so much of ourselves in Ryan and Ileah's puppy parenting, from being overly cautious about potty training to telling Charlie, "Mommy loves you!" They do all the exact same things we've done and do.

Thanks for the endlessly lovable dogs!