Meet Harlee & Hobbs: Black Toy Habibi from Confetti Mama and Black and Apricot Phantom

Meet Harlee: Black Toy Habibi from Confetti Mama & Hobbs! Black and apricot Phantom

Hope this finds you doing well!​

Well it’s been about 7 weeks and I just had to tell you how well Harlee is doing & how much joy he’s brought back into our home. What a dream dog – he is wonderful, loving, smart, cuddly, sweet & such a cute little guy – especially with that absolutely adorable little waddle when I walk him! And I just have to say, his tail is SO adorable – I’m thrilled you don’t dock them! Harlee gets so much attention wherever he goes – even my vet commented on his great disposition and how much his techs all love him! He is an amazingly cool puppy with a SUPER disposition and we are pretty much fully housebroken (the bell on the door really works)! One of our trainers (Puppy Manners class) even commented on how smart he was – & I took that as a big compliment coming from someone whose been training dogs for 20+ yrs! Harlee is everything you said he was and he’s growing up to be even more fun/darling – imagine that! J Wanted to share a few pics too (the middle 3 all being taken this past week)

THANKS AGAIN Julie for all you do in raising such wonderful family members!!! We love him so much!!!

Lori​ I just couldn’t resist sending you this latest shot of Harlee in Target with us. He is a hoot! And in 2014 they added new brother, Hobbs!

Right back at ya!

Hobbs did well, slept most of the time (we were delayed by almost 2 hours).Harlee was a jerk the first 45 min or so – trying to be major alpha, barking, mounting him, etc. The past hour was really fun as Hobbs decided to fight back – he’s even trying to mount Harlee now and growls back at him if he doesn’t like something….even stole a few of Harlee’s toys and shook them just like he saw Harlee shaking them earlier in his face…great to see them “evening” out.

Harlee is definitely out of his element but I can see over time they will be buddies!

Thanks again and may

God Bless you for all you do for these wonderful companions!