Meet Kosmo:  Black and White Tuxedo Standard Sized Boy


I hope this note finds you and all the pack at Habibi Bears very well. I have been trying to get you an update on Gelato (who is now Kosmo), for some time now. We wanted you to know that he is a dream doggie for us. The essential addition to our new home, and our big back yard where he reins king. You were right, I am a nurse, and Kosmo will make a most perfect therapy pup someday. His training is coming along beautifully, he is very bright. Right now I am walking out the door to meet up w/his puppy play group. He loves his buddies; he is so great with puppies, old dogs, children, and he even knows how to entertain himself just fine. We are so happy w/our Kosmo, we could not have found a more sweet tempered critter anywhere. You really did a wonderful job breeding and raising this puppy, and we thank you. He is our best buddy, and we adore him. Take care.


Jessey Shea