Meet Leela, Bodhi and Rishi: Sable and Chocolate Habibi Bears


I wanted to send you a message and thank you for bringing Gigit (Now named Leela) into our lives. She is 6 months now and is so amazing! She gives tremendous amounts of love to each person or animal she meets. Here is a photo of her :) She is our little angel :)

The thought has also crossed our minds (after dog sitting for a friend) that we may be interested in a companion for Leela. She has our amazing cats - but they just don't seem to have the same drive for play that she has!

We saw Latte may be available.

Thank you!!

Love & Light,


(And Latte Has joined the ranks---he is now...Bodhi!!)

Here is a note from Deva,

Here's a super sweet pic of the two bonding together so beautifully! They are wonderful companions!

And now they welcome, Rishi!

We got him:)!!! He's amazing and so sweet. Leela has don't fantastic with him too!!thank I so much:) all smiles in our house tonight! He is such a sweet soul.