Meet Leonidas:  Apricot Tuxedo Boy

We loooove him,

Ok so far he's been going outside regularly both pee and poop on command. No accidents in pen. Yeah!! No accidents in crate either. Average 6-8 hrs at night He's always awake in crate when we wake up but amazingly he stays quiet. If we wake up to go to bathroom he wakes up whimpers and cries but immediately quiets down when we get back to bed. This seems too easy or is he just a GREAT dog

The Eberle Family

UPDATE!! Dear Julie, Here is a recent picture of Leonidas (Leo). He's 41/2 months old. He is such a sweet boy. Mark and I love him sooo much. He's doing great in his puppy class. He's so smart. He's totally potty trained, crate trained. We haven't taken down the pen yet. He goes in willingly when we leave. He keeps us laughing. He's about 8lbs now. Vet thinks he'll be 12 lbs

Thank you for such a beautiful pup.