Meet Moomin: Tri Color Habibi Bear

Meet Moomin: Tri Color Habibi Bear

Hi Juliette!

I just wanted to give you an update on our Standard Schnoodle puppy...originally Aiden but we named him Moomin.

Moomin is an awesome, awesome, awesome dog. We feel so incredibly lucky to have found Habibi Bears and to have been paired with Moomin. He is the PERFECT dog for us. I don't know what you do, but you're doing an amazing job with the puppies. The litter box training that you do helped incredibly, but he's already pretty much trained to go pee and poop outside now, and it took a lot less longer than we thought it would. Plus, he's had a total of maybe 3 "messes" in the house. He peed on the carpet 3 times within the first week of having of him, but he's never pooped in the house. I'd say 90% he pees and poops outside and the other 10% he goes in his litter box if needed when we he is left alone for a few hours. We have the litter box in the mudroom and we keep him in there when we leave the house. So thank you so much for setting us up with the litter box because you really did set us up to succeed! We are already thinking that when we get Moomin and friend, he/she will have to be from Habibi again because we've been so pleased and impressed.

I have attached a few pictures. We live on 5 acres, and he just LOVES romping around in the field.

Thank you!!!

-Maggie, Fred, Cecilia and Penelope