Meet Nautica: Red Sable Tuxedo Girl

Krista is such a doll. I have enjoyed working with her and our little conversations along the way! Here are a few updates on her beloved Nautica!


Hi Julie!

Wow she is a good girl! She slept all night, I got up at 2 to make her potty outside and she went and she slept the rest of the night till I woke up at 6:30. She did not potty in her crate!

I'm using the app sleep pillow (sound soother)

She's so happy and eating and drinking water just fine!



Thank you and happy holidays to you!

Nautica is doing wonderful and we are scheduled for the 3rd vet appoint on the 22nd, the vet said she is super healthy! I spoke w a woman Susan who is getting one and going to let her meet Nautica and set up play dates as she lives very close to me!

A woman in my office told her about Nautica.

My heart is so full and I wake up every morning with my little bear so excited to start the day with her!

Here are some recent photos