Meet Pippen: Black and White Panda Boy

This is a great report from one of our very special famlies. I wanted to highlight a comment about first days home, as she was able to find great help in following the Doggy Dan info on our training page. We think he is tops for helping families learn how to establish leadership in a loving and respectful way!

Thanks Kayley and Jason!!!

Hey Julie!

First of all, congratulations on matching most of your remaining pups! I know you'll probably miss the constant swarm of puppies, but I'm sure you're also ready for a little more quiet around!

Here's an almost one week update on little Pippin. He has been a fantastic puppy! I'm so impressed by him every day. The amount of care you put into him in his time with you is obvious! So excuse me, but I'm going to gush...a lot! ;D

He knew from day one what the litterbox was for, and when he is in his pen I don't even worry; I know that he will use the box. Even when he isn't in there during play time, if I missed a potty signal (sniffing, paying more attention to absorbent surfaces, etc) he will go to his pen and give a quick whimper to let me know he needs to go in to get to the box. So smart!

He also loves his crate! When he is tired or wants down time he just goes in there to rest. I've made sure to reinforce the crate as a safe happy place, but your time adjusting him to it went a long way!

Another thing my husband and I have noticed is that he is very well adjusted to noise. When he hears something new, he will stop and listen attentively, but he is never scared. I attribute a lot of that to your time socializing him!

I've started playing training games in order to get out some of that puppy energy. Jason and I play a game I've named "recall". We stand a few feet apart and call him to us back and forth. Once he got the hang of it and learned the cue "come" we began moving further apart and calling him to come. Now when we play, we move all around and will even hide sometimes before calling him to come. His recall is really great because of it and it gets his energy out from running all around the room!

His intelligence doesn't even stop there. He picked up "sit" in the first session, and we've incorporated it into our recall game now. Then I noticed he was doing a really good stay on his own, so I taught him the cue for it. We're up to a consistent 10 second stay and he will hold the stay while I step back a few paces as well.

The last command we are working on is "drop". He is doing really well in dropping whatever he is playing with and looking right at me on cue.

I'm really happy with the progress we've made in just a week!

Our first day or two were pretty rough. I think we weren't setting ourselves up as the leaders. I turned to the online dog trainer (doggy dan, who you recommend on your site) and started following his 5 rules and it changed everything! We were having huge trouble with whining in his pen, which is almost gone now. And we were struggling with redirecting him to bite on toys rather than clothes. That is still a struggle, but he will pick it up on the 2nd or 3rd redirection now, which is a huge improvement.

I know this email is quite long, but I am just so proud of him and I attribute so much of him to you! From your breeding lines to your care of him, you've really given us a gift! I can't thank you enough!

He is excelling in obedience so far, and he LOVES to climb, jump, and crawl through anything he can, so I think once we start and finish puppy kindergarten we may work on agility - he just really seems to love it!