Meet Rory and Reggie: White with Sable Markings, and White with Apricot Markings

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Reggie and Rory. They are doing great - potty training is coming along really well - they are so smart. Both of them are going to the door now.

We just finished puppy classes and they can sit and stay as well as walk on a leash pretty well. I'm hoping that I can get them to eventually walk on a tandem leash, which will make it easier for me. It's so fun to watch them play together - every day they do the Habibi 500 - racing around the house and chasing each other. They are surprising athletic and agile dogs.

They both are so sweet. Rory continues to be the snuggle bunny, but Reggie likes to cuddle too once he gets a little tired. We are so glad that we got them both - they really love each other and are company while we are at work. I'm attaching a couple of new photos. Reggie is on the left in the first picture and Rory is on the right. The second picture is of my kids holding them - my daughter has Rory and my son has Reggie.

Thanks again for such wonderful dogs. Everywhere I go people ask me what kind of dogs they are and I tell them about you and your breeding program. My daughter can hardly wait until she can get her own Habibi bear!

Patty L.