Meet Sophie: Standard Panda Habibi Bear

Our little Sophie is growing rapidly, now weighing a bit more than 20 pounds. In a very short time, she has captured our hearts. She is loving, playful, a little mischievous, very smart and quite active. Just as "Indigo" followed you around the house, so does little Sophie follow us. After meeting our new dog, everybody (including the trainer) says that she's the perfect puppy for our family. We could not agree more and are so thankful to you, Julie. You certainly know what you're doing!

Thank you!





Hello Julie!

I just left you a message email on your site, but wanted to share some photos with you. Sophie is almost 7 months--and these photos were taken a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, the new groomer trimmed away her teddy bear look, but we still love her--and are getting used to her new style. We're, nonetheless, looking forward to fur growth to reshape that bear look. I asked the groomer to check your website, and to possibly call you too.

Hope you and your family are well!? KBW