Meet Teddy : Red Sable Boy

Happy New Year Mama Julie --

Well, it's been 9 months since our sweet "Teddy" Habibi Bear was welcomed into our lives. I thought you would enjoy an update on the little Mr. T. (I will send new pictures soon, I need to download to my computer)

What can I say? He is dreamy, fluffy and absolutely PERFECTION! We couldn't have asked for a better match, and we are so happy with your whole selection process. You really knew exactly what we needed and guided us to the right puppy. (If you recall, I wanted a therapy dog). I am pleased to announce that Mr. T has recently passed his therapy dog training and is official ( I have my card and everything!). In addition, his trainer was quite impressed with his natural ability and has asked to pass on your info to other clients. She, as well as our Vet were equally impressed with your breed and detailed instructions and medical reports. Both commented that you are a fantastic breeder and they completely believe in your new breed after meeting Teddy.

He is sweet and cuddly and has amazing energy. What impresses us the most is how he inately recognizes the energy of the people around him and meets them at their level. At 6 months old he reached his full size, was completely house trained/litter trained and was able to know over 15 commands and hand signals. Of course it took time to get to that point, but he learned so quicly. As a puppy he was active, had his fair share of potty accidents, and was the typical mouthy puppy (yes, I admit his favorite chew toy at 4 months was my Italian shoe. My bad for leaving him unattended, I take full responsibility on that one!) Oh yes, he gave us a run for the money at first, but isn't that how all puppies start life? We laughed and loved him through it all. My husband and I do not have children, so this boy has become our son. Every day he brings us immense joy, he comforted me through the loss of my dear aunt, and quickly learned the ropes, faster than any dog I have owned. Your 2 week training program was most helpful for me in teaching him to go outside potty as well as using the litter box in our small apartment. He has been so easy to manage, even in our small accomodations. I set up the litter box on the balcony as you suggested and he can access it via doggy door. What a great concept! We have a routine and I swear this dog understands English and I am positive he knows how to tell time. Every day at 10 am he rings the bell to 'go for a walk' and again at 7 pm after dinner. I work from home part time, and on days I am gone, he had free run of the apartment and uses the litter box on his own. I know I am gushing, but Julie, what you have created is something of a dream for me. I wanted a big dog in a small package, and this is what I got. Teddy is a local celebrity, everyone knows him. Our door man gives him treats, the corner coffee shop has a special table for us when we visit, and of course we barely get any exercise when we go out for walks with all the people stopping to ask me what breed he is. My husband asked me to request business cards to pass out as he is routinely asked for the breeder's name. I also must mention, the Habibi Bear name is so perfect for these dogs! As one of your family quotes on the site, Teddy is definitely my beloved boy, and he certainly does look like a teddy bear.

Thank you does not seem adequate in expressing our gratitude for our furry family member. You are correct, whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies. Make it a Habibi.

Puppy kisses and hugs from the Big Apple,

Claire, Tom and Teddy