Meet Toby: Mini Confetti Parti Color Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,

This is Lauren's 9 year old daughter. I love Toby, he is a very playful puppy. He is doing really good and he is really catching on with fetch. We think it is really funny how much he loves his reflection. He also loves to run around.

I hope to see Toby on the happy tails page.

Thank you so much for our new puppy!


Here is another update from Toby's family! (Can I just say how much this email touched my heart???!!) Seriously, folks...this is why we do what we do. Thanks Lauren, Rachel and Sam!

I'm glad that my little gift came at a good time and showed you how much impact each and every puppy can have on the families that welcome them. You breed perfect little family members that can bring families together and help to mend broken hearts. Additionally, my vet said that the health record that came with Toby was the most comprehensive and clear she'd ever seen come from a breeder. She was also blown away by the housebreaking schedule.

You are wonderful and should feel very proud of what you do, Julie. Thank you.


Lauren, Rachel, Sam, & Toby