Meet Treasure: Mini Phantom Habibi Bear

Good Morning! I have the very highest gratitude and respect for You and your Family. I have had many Dogs(puppies) in my life but none can compare to my Boy. By following your example in setting up his pen, when introduced to his area, He was at once at home. I recommend this to all that are to be Bless with your Dogs. He used the litter box at once. Ate, drank and made Him self at home by beating up and Alpha the big stuffed bear in the pen. By following your list, After having 3 big play periods, He slept till 6 this morning. I didn't because I had to keep checking on him. This Morning He is trying to climb out of the pen as I do my Chores. But I am Truly in Love with my Boy. Thank you for your Wonderful training and socializing of my Boy. But Most of all for allowing me to have such Joy brought into my Life.

My Very Best Blessings, Pat

And another wonderful update on "Treasure"

Good Evening!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. My Boy's name is Treasure (Treas) for short. Because He such a wonderful piece of Life's Treasures that I have been blessed to come into my life. So Too smart! He keeps me going keeping him stimulated so He does not get bored and into trouble. Learned the first night to jump on top of the crate and try to jump out. Now there is a lattice covering part of the pen. Sleeps through the night, Steals everyone heart, and has endless energy. Sending some pictures beating up his favorite bear that naps with Him. Also in the back yard helping me plants flowers He is very good at aerating my yard by pulling glass out by the roots! He has brought continuous joy and laughter into my Life. I again can't Thank you enough. My Very Best to you Pat and Treas